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Learn Mobile Test Automation for Android and iOS using Appium with Java

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❓ What is this Repository about?

  • This repository contains the example code for running Android Mobile Automation tests using Appium 2.0
  • WebdriverIO demo app is used as a demo mobile application run tests
  • This repo uses Maven as build tool and TestNG testing framework to run the tests.

Talking more about the Scenarios Covered in this project:

  • I have tried to answer the below questions by providing working code example in this repo:
  1. How to start Appium Server Programmatically?
  2. How to stop Appium Server Programmatically?
  3. How to run mobile automation tests on Android Emulator?
  4. How to locate elements using Appium?
  5. How to click on an element using Appium?
  6. How to check attribute of an element using Appium?
  7. How to type values in a text field?
  8. How to perform assertions?

How to run the Tests?


- JAVA JDK 11 should be installed
- Android Emulator should be created in local machine and should be in running state
- For running iOS tests, iOS Simulator needs to be started and should be in running state 

🎥 Tutorial for Installing Android Studio on Windows 10

Watch the video

  • Run the tests using TestNG:

    Right click on test-suite\testng.xml and select Run test-suite\testng.xml

  • Run the tests using Maven:

    mvn clean install

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