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Open source library for controlling Moeller XComfort devices through the USB/RS232 dongle

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libxcomfort is an open source library for controlling Moeller / Eaton's xComfort devices through the CKOZ-00/03 USB dongle. Currently RS232 is not implemented, only the USB protocol. It can currently be used for:

  • Getting/setting the dim value.
  • Starting/stopping gradual up/down dimming
  • Turning actuators/dimmers hard on/off.
  • Some other commands like reporting temperatures/measurements have been partially reverse engineered but not implemented

The main library code is located under "CKOZ-00_03" and can be used to control the CKOZ/00/03 communication interface. This interface is used for integrating Moeller systems with for instance a computer program. Note that the devices to control need to be paired to the comm interface using the programming interface and the MRF program from Moeller.

There also exists some code for controlling devices directly using the CRSZ-00/01 programming interface, that is actually used for programming devices. Working RS232 packet for setting a dimmer actuator to a desired level has been implemented for this device.

All the code is GPL licensed.

Software requirements

  • libusb 1
  • libmicrohttpd


  • Datapoint: This is an integer assigned to a particular device association when programming the interface using CRSZ-00/01
  • Level: Goes from 0-100


  • When programming the interface using CRSZ-00/01, use standard programming for each button, but set the dim range to 0%-100% so that you can dim through the whole range using commands.
  • If you want to control multiple actuators from the same command, link multiple actuators to the USB interface with the same datapoint number. For instance, if you want to dim all actuators in your apartment using one command, you draw one line in MRF from each actuator to the interface and set the same datapoint number for all connections.

Demo: This is my webapp communicating with xcomfortd over HTTP:


Open source library for controlling Moeller XComfort devices through the USB/RS232 dongle







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