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ui-automation is a framework for automating (via the MS UIAutomation library) rich client applications based on Win32 (including Delphi), WPF and other Windows applications ((including Java SWT)). It is written in Java, using the JNA library to make calls to the COM-based WIndows automation library.

Tests and automation programs using ui-automation can be written with Java (or other JVM based languages, like Scala) and used in any testing framework available to the JVM.

It provides a consistent, object-oriented API, hiding the complexity of Microsoft's UIAutomation library and windows messages from the user.


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Continuous Builds

The build is built (for PRs and master) via travis-ci. Failed builds cannot be merged.

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Thanks to everyone that has used the library and contributed ideas and suggestions and issues, in order to improve the library.

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Apache Version 2.0 Copyright (C) 2016

See LICENCE.txt for details.

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