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AnyDesk AddressBook

This is in a very early stage of development. Eventually, it should provide a fully featured AddressBook system for AnyDesk:

At this moment, this is what's working:

  • Create groups and sub-groups to organize all connection items
  • Easily drag & drop items across groups
  • Connect to any remote machine by double clicking a connection item
  • Support custom descriptions for each connection item
  • Automatically detect when connection items are added, removed or changed from AnyDesk's user interface
  • Automatically update AnyDesk's configuration when changes are made in the addressbook
  • A backup of up to 10 configuration files is kept whenever changes are made from within AnyDeskAB
  • Thumbnails display for each connection item (if available)

Planned for the immediate future:

  • A modern UI
  • Investigate if there's anyway to detect the online state of the connection items
  • Investigate if there's a way to match the thumbnails to the connection items
  • Try to preserve AnyDesk's connection items order when updating the configuration file
  • Allow to manually configure the location of all required resources
  • Add support to detect the location of the resources when running under non-Windows platforms
  • Cleanup and simplify the code

AnyDesk is a registered trademark of philandro Software GmbH