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Build Status Made with Python

Windows Remote Administration Tool via Telegram (now in Python 3.7!) | Originally created by Ritiek

Why another one?

  • The current Remote Administration Tools in the market face 2 major problems:

    • Lack of encryption.
    • Require port forwarding in order to control from hundreds of miles.
  • This RAT overcomes both these issues by using the Telegram bot API.

    • Fully encrypted. The data being exchanged cannot be spied upon using MITM tools.
    • Telegram messenger app provides a simple way to communicate to the target without configuring port forward before hand on the target.


  • Keylogger with window title log included
  • Get target PC's Windows version, processor and more
  • Get target PC's IP address information and approximate location on map
  • Delete, Move files
  • Show current directory
  • Change current directory
  • List current or specified directory
  • Download any file from the target
  • Upload local files to the target. Send your image, pdf, exe or anything as file to the Telegram bot
  • Autostart playing a video in fullscreen and no controls for a youtube video on target
  • Take Screenshots
  • Execute any file
  • Access to microphone
  • Start HTTP Proxy Server
  • Freeze target's keyboard
  • Schedule tasks to run at specified datetime
  • Encode/Decode all local files
  • Ping targets
  • Update .exe -- thanks LearnerZone
  • Self-Destruct RAT
  • Change wallpaper from file or url
  • Execute cmd shell
  • Take snapshots from the webcam (if attached)
  • Execute arbitrary python 3.7 on the go
  • Freeze target's mouse
  • [TODO] Browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome) cookies retrieval
  • [TODO] Password retrieval
  • [TODO] Monitor web traffic (graphically?)
  • [TODO] Bandwidth monitoring (stepping stone to web traffic monitoring) - started 28/10/2018
  • [TODO] Fine-tuning scripting (i.e.: if app x is opened y is executed)
  • [TODO] Capture clipboard (Text, Image)
  • [TODO] Hide desktop icons
  • [TODO] Audio compression
  • [TODO] Name server lookup (/nslookup - #19)

Thanks Dviros:

  • Chrome login/password retrieval
  • Display ARP table
  • Get active processes and services
  • Shutdown/Reboot computer
  • Display DNS Cache

& More coming soon!


Installation & Usage:

  • Clone this repository.
  • Set up a new Telegram bot talking to the BotFather.
  • Copy this token and replace it in the beginning of the script.
  • Run
    • Generates an executable binary
  • To run the script: python
  • Find your bot on telegram and send some command to the bot to test it.
  • To restrict the bot so that it responds only to you, note down your chat_id from the console and replace it in the script and comment out the line return True. Don't worry, you'll know when you read the comments in the script.

  • A folder named RATAttack will be created in your working directory containing keylogs.txt and any files you upload to the bot.


When using the below commands; use / as a prefix. For example: /pc_info.

arp - display arp table
capture_pc - screenshot PC
cmd_exec - execute shell command
cp - copy files
cd - change current directory
delete - delete a file/folder
download - download file from target
decode_all - decode ALL encoded local files
dns - display DNS Cache
encode_all - encode ALL local files
freeze_keyboard - enable keyboard freeze
unfreeze_keyboard - disable keyboard freeze
get_chrome - Get Google Chrome's login/passwords
hear - record microphone
ip_info - via
keylogs - get keylogs
ls - list contents of current or specified directory
msg_box - display message box with text
mv - move files
pc_info - PC information
ping - makes sure target is up
play - plays a youtube video
proxy - opens a proxy server
pwd - show current directory
python_exec - interpret python
reboot - reboot computer
run - run a file
schedule - schedule a command to run at specific time
self_destruct - destroy all traces
shutdown - shutdown computer
tasklist - display services and processes running
to - select targets by it's name
update - update executable
wallpaper - change wallpaper

You can copy the above to update your command list via BotFather so you don't have to type them manually.


How To Compile:

  • Run You can also pass --icon=<path/to/icon.ico> to use a custom icon. If you want to use UPX for compression, you can add --upx-dir [upx-3.95-win64 | upx-3.96-win32], depending on your architecture. You can skip this last option if you have UPX in your PATH environment variable.
  • Once it is compiled successfully, find the .exe file in C:/Python37/Scripts/dist/ or the current directory, depending on where you called it from.
  • BEWARE! If you run the compiled .exe, the script will move itself to startup and start with your PC to run at startup. You can return to normal by using the /self_destruct option or manually removing %APPDATA%/Portal directory and %APPDATA%/Microsoft/Windows/Start Menu/Programs/Startup/portal.lnk.

Modifying Settings:

  • You can also modify the name of hidden .exe file and location and name of the folder where the hidden .exe will hide itself. To do this; modify compiled_name and hide_folder respectively.
  • Assign your known chat ids to beginning of


  • This project is still in very early stages, so you can expect some bugs. Please feel free to report them! Even better, send a pull request :)
  • Any new features and ideas are most welcome! Please do submit feature requests by creating Issues
  • Branch protection is enabled on master. You must work in an alternate branch (e.g. dev) and make a PR. This is to ensure that master has a working and approved version of RvT.


A markdown file with credits: Credit file

People with PRs:

Dependency owners: A load of people who turn coffee to code

Original creator:


This tool is supposed to be used only on authorized systems. Any unauthorized use of this tool without explicit permission is illegal.


The MIT License