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Pupy is an opensource, cross-platform (Windows, Linux, OSX, Android) C2 and post-exploitation framework written in python and C


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Installation instructions are on the wiki, in addition to all other documentation. For maximum compatibility, it is recommended to use Docker Compose.

Refer to the wiki


Pupy is a cross-platform, multi function RAT and post-exploitation tool mainly written in python. It features an all-in-memory execution guideline and leaves a very low footprint. Pupy can communicate using multiple transports, migrate into processes using reflective injection, and load remote python code, python packages and python C-extensions from memory.


  • Windows payload can load the entire Python interpreter from memory using a reflective DLL.

    • Pupy does not touch the disk.
  • Can be packed into a single .py file and run without any dependencies other than the python standard library on all OSes.

    • PyCrypto gets replaced by pure Python AES & RSA implementations when unavailable.
  • Reflectively migrate into other processes.

  • Remotely import pure python packages (.py, .pyc) and compiled python C extensions (.pyd, .so) from memory.

    • Imported python modules do not touch the disk.
  • Easily extensible, modules are simple to write and are sorted by os and category.

  • Modules can directly access python objects on the remote client using rpyc.

  • Access remote objects interactively from the pupy shell and get auto-completion of remote attributes.

  • Communication transports are modular and stackable. Exfiltrate data using HTTP over HTTP over AES over XOR, or any combination of the available transports.

  • Communicate using obfsproxy pluggable transports.

  • Execute noninteractive commands on multiple hosts at once.

  • Commands and scripts running on remote hosts are interruptible.

  • Auto-completion for commands and arguments.

  • Custom config can be defined: command aliases, modules. automatically run at connection, etc.

  • Open interactive python shells with auto-completion on the all-in-memory remote python interpreter.

  • Interactive shells (cmd.exe, /bin/bash, etc) can be opened remotely.

    • Remote shells on Unix & Windows clients have a real tty with all keyboard signals working just like an SSH shell.
  • Execute PE executable remotely and from memory.

  • Generate payloads in various formats:

Format Architecture Short Name
Android Package x86 & ARMv7 apk
Linux Binary x86 lin_x86
Linux Binary x64 lin_x64
Linux Shared Object x86 so_x86
Linux Shared Object x64 so_x64
Windows PE Executable x86 exe_x86
Windows PE Executable x64 exe_x64
Windows DLL x86 dll_x86
Windows DLL x64 dll_x64
Python Script x86 & x64 py
PyInstaller x86 & x64 pyinst
Python Oneliner x86 & x64 py_oneliner
Powershell x86 & x64 ps1
Powershell Oneliner x86 & x64 ps1_oneliner
Ducky Script N/A rubber_ducky
  • Deploy in memory from a single command line using python or powershell one-liners.

  • Embed "scriptlets" in generated payloads to perform some tasks "offline" without needing network connectivity (ex: start keylogger, add persistence, execute custom python script, check_vm, etc.)

  • Multiple Target Platforms:

Platform Support Status
Windows XP Supported
Windows 7 Supported
Windows 8 Supported
Windows 10 Supported
Linux Supported
Mac OSX Limited Support
Android Limited Support


All documentation can be found on the wiki.

Refer to the wiki


Does the server work on windows?

Pupy has not been tested on Windows. Theoretically, it should work on any platform that supports Docker and Docker Compose. However, you will need to adapt the Docker Compose installation instructions for the Windows platform.

I can't install Pupy. The installation fails.

  1. Please refer to the wiki. It is possible that your answer is there.
  2. Search the Github issues and see if your issue was already solved.
  3. If you issue was not solved, open a new issue following the issue guidelines.

If you do not follow these steps, you issue will be closed.

Android and/or Mac OSX payloads and modules don't work.

Pupy has limited support for Android and OSX. These platforms may not be well maintained and may break intermittently. Some modules (i.e. keylogger) may be missing for these platforms.


If some of you want to participate to pupy development, don't hesitate! All help is greatly appreciated and all pull requests will be reviewed.

Also there is small note about development. Please run flake8 before doing any commits. File with config is here.


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This project is a personal development, please respect its philosophy and don't use it for evil purposes!

Special thanks

Special thanks to all contributors that help improve pupy and make it a better tool! :)