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Updated list of public BitTorrent trackers


These lists are automatically updated every day. Last update 2024/06/15:

Are you having DNS problems? These lists contain the same trackers but with IP addresses instead of domains:


  • A bot automatically checks the trackers and updates the lists.
  • Trackers with the same domain or pointing to the same IP address are removed. Check out the blacklist.
  • Trackers are sorted by popularity and latency (from best to worst).
  • WebSocket trackers (AKA WebTorrent, ws, wss) are supported by few clients. More info.
  • Lists with IP addresses can be shorter because Cloudflare IPs are removed.


  • Do you know more public trackers? => Open a new issue
  • Any of the trackers is not working properly? => Open a new issue
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ngosang [@] hotmail [.es]

Third-party tools

Third-party online tools

  • torrenteditor to add these trackers to your .torrent files
  • magnets to add these trackers to your magnet links