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Pull requests: nodemcu/nodemcu-firmware

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Pull requests list

Matrix keyboard module ESP32 new module
#3631 opened Feb 4, 2024 by pjsg Loading…
4 tasks done
Don't error from node.sleep() when a sleep reject occurs ESP32
#3560 opened Dec 4, 2022 by tomsci Loading…
4 tasks done
Add support for the USB CDC Serial JTAG console ESP32 new feature
#3536 opened Aug 7, 2022 by pjsg Loading…
2 of 4 tasks
Support sending strings with multi-byte-wide SPI
#3529 opened Jul 18, 2022 by stuartpb Loading…
3 of 4 tasks
Working version of the websocket support ESP32
#3514 opened Apr 30, 2022 by pjsg Loading…
4 tasks done
Use a translator callback to convert GRB data to RMT pulses. ESP32
#3509 opened Feb 23, 2022 by docbacardi Loading…
4 tasks done
The next round of test work
#3486 opened Dec 30, 2021 by nwf Loading…
3 tasks done
2022 rel 1
Add BLE GAP/GATT support to the dev-esp32 branch ESP32 new module
#3473 opened Oct 24, 2021 by pjsg Loading…
4 tasks done
Lua tidy-up to reduce delta against esp32 branch.
#3468 opened Sep 24, 2021 by jmattsson Loading…
3 tasks done
2022 rel 1
Add support for CCS811 Air Quality Sensor new module
#3404 opened Mar 2, 2021 by wbvreeuwijk Loading…
4 tasks done
exemple of init.lua with wifi portal documentation enhancement
#3395 opened Feb 2, 2021 by blobule Loading…
3 of 4 tasks
Makefile: Read user_config by path
#3257 opened Aug 29, 2020 by mk-pmb Loading…
3 of 4 tasks
cron memory management with Lua table enhancement
#3159 opened Jun 13, 2020 by nwf Loading…
4 tasks done
IR module (Infrared) new module stale
#3094 opened May 8, 2020 by ecrips Loading…
4 tasks done
WIP: Rewrite sntp in Lua with only a little C
#2819 opened Jul 5, 2019 by nwf Loading…
4 tasks done
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