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Open source obfuscation tool for .NET assemblies


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The project logo cames from Legendora Icon by Teekatas Suwannakrua.

Maintained and supported by LeXtudio.

Project Description

Obfuscar is an open source .NET obfuscator released under MIT license. It provides basic obfuscation features that help secure secrets in a .NET assembly.


Get Started

Documentation section contains most information you need, and also a detailed history of this project all through the years.

This tool has been heavily in Lex Li's personal project (#SNMP Pro).


If you have a patch to contribute, a feature to request, or a bug to report, please post to the Issue Tracker.

Support Services

Please contact LeXtudio for support services.


Pull requests are welcome, but make sure you sign the Contributor License Agreement.


If you want to donate to my efforts on this project, please use the following link,

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