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This repository is a collection of build scripts to build OBS dependencies for macOS and Windows.


OBS dependencies for Windows can be built via the Build-Dependencies.ps1 PowerShell script. For best compatibility, it is advised to use a recent version of PowerShell Core (pwsh). Older versions of PowerShell might work, but support for these is not provided.


OBS dependencies for macOS can be built via the build-deps.zsh Zsh-script. Zsh is the default interactive shell on macOS starting with macOS 10.15, the minimum version supported for building OBS. Both Intel and Apple Silicon are supported.


FFmpeg can be built via the build-ffmpeg.zsh Zsh-script. FFmpeg can be compiled natively on macOS and Linux, and cross-compiled on Linux for Windows. In the latter case, specify a Windows-based target (e.g., windows-x64) to enable cross-compilation. On macOS, both Intel and Apple Silicon are supported.


Qt can be built via the build-qt.zsh Zsh-script. Qt can be compiled natively on macOS for Intel and Apple Silicon.

More Information

Further details can be found in the Wiki Pages.


  • Add/edit separate build scripts in the appropriate subdirectory (e.g., deps.ffmpeg for FFmpeg and associated build dependencies)
  • Ensure that either a valid Git commit hash is specified or a checksum file for a downloaded artifact has been placed in the checksums subdirectory
  • If patches are necessary, ensure those are placed in a directory with the same name of the dependency inside the patches directory
  • Name patches numerically padded to 4 digits (e.g., 0001) and with a descriptive name