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How to set VLC and/or Media source local file ? #1030

Answered by tt2468
michaeltoohig asked this question in Q&A
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The request you are looking for is called SetInputSettings.

In 5.x, we largely clarified what specific "source" requests do by using the terms Input (conventionally, misleadingly, called a source in normal OBS lingo), Scene, Transition and Filter. These are all "sources" in the underlying OBS API, even though they are largely very different.

Over the course of the release and hearing feedback, it's clear that people have a hard time understanding why things are called the way they are now. During initial planning stages I had tried to make it clear that common assumptions about 4.x should not be used on 5.x, but I think I did a bad job of continuing to convey that idea.

I've been wanting …

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