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OCC AI: Open tools for Content Creators and Streamers

Open-source AI tools for Content Creators and the streaming community

OCC AI: Open Tools for Content Creators and Streamers

This organization is a home for AI tools developed for streamers and content creators. All the projects are open source and offered for free, run locally, no fees, no vendors. Pure open source ❤️

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Our Work

Removes background from webcam without a green screen, works on any OS and any hardware. Speech AI assistant plugin for real-time, local transcription (captions). Using OpenAI Whisper and whisper.cpp. Real-time multi-object detection, tracking and masking, using an efficient YOLO model. Works on any OS and any hardware.
Professional grade OCR Tool for Games and Scoreboards. Capture anything, send result anywhere. For bringing live data from websites, APIs and services. Dynamic requests, image i/o, audio supported. Real-time text recognition (OCR) and detection on any OBS source, turn images to live dynamic layouts and triggers
Translation AI plugin for real-time, local translation to hundreds of languages. AI Laguage processor for transciption (caption), translation and speech synthesis. Real-time streaming voice moderation (remove/replace profanity, disfluency) using live transcription.
⚠️Stalled⚠️ Your AI second brain for OBS: Summarize, Highlight, Chat, Translate, Suggest and Memorize using LLMs.

🐣Incubation🐣 Voice and audio synthesis for real-time avatars, assistants and clones.

🐣Incubation🐣 Image recognition for detecting Lobby scenes, or anything else! for privacy or automation.

Other free AI tools for content creation:

  • Video Transcript Helper uses transcription to Zap filler words (uh's & um's), generate blog posts, YouTube descriptions, and more

Roadmap projects in incubation: (all local, open source, no cloud fees, no vendors)

  • VisualAIze adds an AI assistant for realtime visual creations with fast Diffusion Models
  • Directori and Editori are AI assistants that automatically controls your streaming app (e.g. OBS) by picking cameras, zooming in & out, cueing media and changing scenes.


If you found any of this work of value, you can contribute too! Here are some ways to do that:

  • ➡️ Follow this organization on GitHub. This will help us with visibilty and reaching more people.
  • ⭐ Star any of the repositories.
  • 💻 Make a code contribution. If you are technical and can compile and test the code - help us by making it more robust and scalable.
  • 🧪 Test a build from any of the repositories. We are always looking for people to test our latest features.
  • 👍 Share our content on social media. If you like it - tell the world!
  • 📝 Subscribe to Roy's YouTube channel. You will get frequent video updates, but also help us reach a bigger audience.
  • 💸 Make a small contribution through GitHub sponsors or Patreon. This will help us pay for servers usage (CI), Apple developer signing, and upkeep of the free projects.
  • Join our OpenCollective! and help us support this work.
  • If you are a company looking to hire our services for customization or productization of this work - please reach out!

Help us build the future of AI and Content Generation!

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  1. obs-backgroundremoval obs-backgroundremoval Public

    An OBS plugin for removing background in portrait images (video), making it easy to replace the background when recording or streaming.

    C++ 2.6k 180

  2. obs-localvocal obs-localvocal Public

    OBS plugin for local speech recognition and captioning using AI

    C++ 298 24

  3. obs-urlsource obs-urlsource Public

    OBS plugin to fetch data from a URL or file, connect to an API or AI service, parse responses and display text, image or audio on scene

    C++ 125 18


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