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Open Quantum Safe

Software for prototyping quantum-resistant cryptography

Open Quantum Safe

The Open Quantum Safe (OQS) project is an open-source project that aims to support the development and prototyping of quantum-resistant cryptography. OQS is part of the Linux Foundation's Post-Quantum Cryptography Alliance.

OQS consists of two main lines of work: liboqs, an open source C library for quantum-resistant cryptographic algorithms, and prototype integrations into protocols and applications, including a provider for the widely used OpenSSL library. These tools support research by ourselves and others.

All of our development takes place on our GitHub repositories. We welcome new contributors interested in joining our team. Feel free to begin participating on GitHub or say hello on our Discord server on the #oqs-general channel. We are grateful to the organizations that have supported and continue to support our work, and the academic, industry, public sector, and individual contributors who participate in the project.


  1. liboqs liboqs Public

    C library for prototyping and experimenting with quantum-resistant cryptography

    C 1.7k 413

  2. oqs-provider oqs-provider Public

    OpenSSL 3 provider containing post-quantum algorithms

    C 164 71

  3. oqs-demos oqs-demos Public

    PARTIALLY SUPPORTED Instructions for enabling the use of quantum-safe cryptography in assorted software using the OQS suite. CONTRIBUTORS WANTED.

    Dockerfile 118 65

  4. tsc tsc Public

    OQS Technical Steering Committee resources

    2 2


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