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Most popular & widely deployed Open Source Container Native Storage platform for Stateful Persistent Applications on Kubernetes.


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Welcome to OpenEBS

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OpenEBS is a modern Block-Mode storage platform, a Hyper-Converged software Storage System and virtual NVMe-oF SAN (vSAN) Fabric that is natively integrates into the core of Kubernetes.

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If you have questions about using OpenEBS, please use the CNCF Kubernetes OpenEBS slack channel, it is open for anyone to ask a question


OpenEBS provides...

  • Stateful persistent Dynamically provisioned storage volumes for Kubernetes
  • High Performance NVMe-oF & NVMe/RDMA storage transport optimized for All-Flash Solid State storage media
  • Block devices, LVM, ZFS, ext2/ext3/ext4, XFS, BTRFS...and more
  • 100% Cloud-Native K8s declarative storage platform
  • A cluster-wide vSAN block-mode fabric that provides containers/Pods with HA resilient access to storage across the entire cluster.
  • Node local K8s PV's and n-way Replciated K8s PV's
  • Deployable On-premise & in-cloud: (AWS EC2/EKS, Google GCP/GKE, Azure VM/AKS, Oracle OCI, IBM/RedHat OpenShift, Civo Cloud, Hetzner Cloud... and more)
  • Enterprise Grade data management capabilities such as snapshots, clones, replicated volumes, DiskGroups, Volume Groups, Aggregates, RAID

Type Storage Engine Type of data services Status In OSS ver
Replicated_PV Replicated data volumes (in a Cluster wide vSAN block mode fabric)
Replicated PV Mayastor Mayastor for High Availability deploymemnts distributing & replicating volumes across the cluster Stable, deployable in PROD
Local PV Non-replicated node local data volumes (Local-PV has multiple variants. See below) v4.0.1
Local PV Hostpath Local PV HostPath for integration with local node hostpath (e.g. /mnt/fs1) Stable, deployable in PROD
Local PV ZFS Local PV ZFS for integration with local ZFS storage deployments Stable, deployable in PROD
Local PV LVM2 Local PV LVM for integration with local LVM2 storage deployments Stable, deployable in PROD
Local PV Rawfile Local PV Rawfile for integration with Loop mounted Raw device-file filesystem Stable, deployable in PROD, undergoing evaluation & integration
release: v0.70

STANDARD is optimized for NVMe and SSD Flash storage media, and integrates ultra modern cutting-edge high performance storage technologies at its core...

☑️   It uses the High performance SPDK storage stack - (SPDK is an open-source NVMe project initiated by INTEL)
☑️   The hyper modern IO_Uring Linux Kernel Async polling-mode I/O Interface - (fastest kernel I/O mode possible)
☑️   Native abilities for RDMA and Zero-Copy I/O
☑️   NVMe-oF TCP Block storage Hyper-converged data fabric
☑️   Block layer volume replication
☑️   Logical volumes and Diskpool based data managment
☑️   a Native high performance Blobstore
☑️   Native Block layer Thin provisioning
☑️   Native Block layer Snapshots and Clones

Get in touch with our team.

Vishnu Attur :octocat: @avishnu Admin, Maintainer
Abhinandan Purkait 😎 @Abhinandan-Purkait Maintainer
Niladri Halder 🚀 @niladrih Maintainer
Ed Robinson 🐶 @edrob999   CNCF Primary Liason
Special Maintainer
Tiago Castro @tiagolobocastro   Admin, Maintainer
David Brace @orville-wright     Admin, Maintainer

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Current status

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  • In-cloud: (AWS EC2/EKS, Google GCP/GKE, Azure VM/AKS, Oracle OCI, IBM/RedHat OpenShift, Civo Cloud, Hetzner Cloud... and more)
  • On-Premise: Bare Metal, Virtualzied Hypervisor infra using VMWare ESXi, KVM/QEMU (K8s KubeVirt), Proxmox
  • Deployed as native K8s elemets: Deployments, Containers, Servcies, Stateful sets, CRD's, Sidecars, Jobs and Binaries all on K8s worker nodes.
  • Runs 100% in K8s userspace. So it's highly portable and run across many OS's & platforms.

Roadmap (as of June 2024)

OpenEBS Welcome Banner

QUICKSTART : Installation

NOTE: Depending on which of the 5 storage engines you choose to deploy, pre-requests that must be met. See detailed quickstart docs...

  1. Setup helm repository.
# helm repo add openebs
# helm repo update

2a. Install the Full OpenEBS helm chart with default values.

  • This installs ALL OpenEBS Storage Engines* in the openebs namespace and chart name as openebs:
    Local PV Hostpath, Local PV LVM, Local PV ZFS, Replicated Mayastor
# helm install openebs --namespace openebs openebs/openebs --create-namespace

2b. To Install just the OpenEBS Replicated Mayastor Storage Engine, use the following command:

# helm install openebs --namespace openebs openebs/openebs --set engines.replicated.mayastor.enabled=false --create-namespace
  1. To view the chart
# helm ls -n openebs

NAME     NAMESPACE   REVISION  UPDATED                                   STATUS     CHART           APP VERSION
openebs  openebs     1         2024-03-25 09:13:00.903321318 +0000 UTC   deployed   openebs-4.0.1   4.0.1
  1. Verify installation
    • List the pods in namespace
    • Verify StorageClasses
# kubectl get pods -n openebs

Example Ouput:
NAME                                              READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
openebs-agent-core-674f784df5-7szbm               2/2     Running   0          11m
openebs-agent-ha-node-nnkmv                       1/1     Running   0          11m
openebs-agent-ha-node-pvcrr                       1/1     Running   0          11m
openebs-agent-ha-node-rqkkk                       1/1     Running   0          11m
openebs-api-rest-79556897c8-b824j                 1/1     Running   0          11m
openebs-csi-controller-b5c47d49-5t5zd             6/6     Running   0          11m
openebs-csi-node-flq49                            2/2     Running   0          11m
openebs-csi-node-k8d7h                            2/2     Running   0          11m
openebs-csi-node-v7jfh                            2/2     Running   0          11m
openebs-etcd-0                                    1/1     Running   0          11m
openebs-etcd-1                                    1/1     Running   0          11m
openebs-etcd-2                                    1/1     Running   0          11m
# kubectl get sc

Example Output:
NAME                                              READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
openebs-localpv-provisioner-6ddf7c7978-jsstg      1/1     Running   0          3m9s
openebs-lvm-localpv-controller-7b6d6b4665-wfw64   5/5     Running   0          3m9s
openebs-lvm-localpv-node-62lnq                    2/2     Running   0          3m9s
openebs-lvm-localpv-node-lhndx                    2/2     Running   0          3m9s
openebs-lvm-localpv-node-tlcqv                    2/2     Running   0          3m9s
openebs-zfs-localpv-controller-f78f7467c-k7ldb    5/5     Running   0          3m9s

For more details, please refer to OpenEBS Documentation.

CNCF logo OpenEBS is a CNCF project and DataCore, Inc is a CNCF Silver member. DataCore support's CNCF extensively and has funded OpenEBS participating in every KubeCon event since 2020. Our project team is managed under the CNCF Storage Landscape and we contribute to the CNCF CSI and TAG Storage project initiatives. We proudly support CNCF Cloud Native Community Groups initiatives.

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Commercial Offerings

Commerically supported deployments of openEBS are avaialble via key companies. (Some provide services, funding, technology, infra, rescourced to the openEBS proejct).

(openEBS OSS is a CNCF project. CNCF does not endorse any specific company).