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OpenFaaS ® - Serverless Functions Made Simple

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OpenFaaS® makes it easy for developers to deploy event-driven functions and microservices to Kubernetes without repetitive, boiler-plate coding. Package your code or an existing binary in an OCI-compatible image to get a highly scalable endpoint with auto-scaling and metrics.

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Want to dig deeper into OpenFaaS?

Overview of OpenFaaS (Serverless Functions Made Simple)

Conceptual architecture

Conceptual architecture and stack, more detail available in the docs

Code samples

You can generate new functions using the faas-cli and built-in templates or use any binary for Windows or Linux in a container.

Official templates exist for many popular languages and are easily extensible with Dockerfiles.

  • Node.js (node12) example:

    "use strict"
    module.exports = async (event, context) => {
        return context
            .headers({"Content-Type": "text/html"})
                👋 Hello World 🌍


  • Python 3 example:

    import requests
    def handle(req):
        r =  requests.get(req, timeout = 1)
        return "{} => {:d}".format(req, r.status_code)

  • Golang example (golang-http)

    package function
    import (
        handler ""
    // Handle a function invocation
    func Handle(req handler.Request) (handler.Response, error) {
        var err error
        message := fmt.Sprintf("Body: %s", string(req.Body))
        return handler.Response{
            Body:       []byte(message),
            StatusCode: http.StatusOK,
        }, err

Get started with OpenFaaS

Official training resources

View our official training materials

Official eBook and video workshop

eBook logo

The founder of OpenFaaS wrote Serverless For Everyone Else to help developers understand the use-case for functions through practical hands-on exercises using JavaScript and Node.js. No programming experience is required to try the exercises.

The examples use the faasd project, which is an easy to use and lightweight way to start learning about OpenFaaS and functions.

Check out Serverless For Everyone Else on Gumroad

OpenFaaS and Golang

Everyday Go is a practical, hands-on guide to writing CLIs, web pages, and microservices in Go. It also features a chapter dedicated to development and testing of functions using OpenFaaS and Go.

Community blog and documentation

Community Sponsorship

OpenFaaS users can subscribe to a weekly Community Newsletter called Insiders Updates, to keep up to date with new features, bug fixes, events, tutorials and security patches. Insiders Updates are written by the project founder and distributed via GitHub Sponsors.


OpenFaaS Community Edition UI

Here is a screenshot of the OpenFaaS Community Edition UI which was designed for ease of use. The inception function is being run which is available on the in the store.

Deploy OpenFaaS to Kubernetes, OpenShift, or faasd now with a deployment guide

Video presentations

Community events and blog posts

Have you written a blog about OpenFaaS? Do you have a speaking event? Send a Pull Request to the community page below.


OpenFaaS Community Edition is written in Golang and is MIT licensed. Various types of contributions are welcomed whether that means providing feedback, testing existing and new feature or hacking on the source code.

How do I become a contributor?

Please see the guide on community & contributing


Example of a Grafana dashboard linked to OpenFaaS showing auto-scaling live in action: here

OpenFaaS Pro auto-scaling dashboard with Grafana

OpenFaaS Pro auto-scaling dashboard with Grafana

An alternative community dashboard is available here

Press / Branding / Website Sponsorship

  • Individual Sponsorships 🍻

    The source code for OpenFaaS shared in public repositories on GitHub is free to use and open source under the terms of the MIT license.

    OpenFaaS Ltd offers commercial support and enterprise add-ons for end-users and training and consulting services for Cloud and Kubernetes.

    Users and contributors are encouraged to join their peers in supporting the project through GitHub Sponsors.

  • OpenFaaS Pro for Production

    OpenFaaS Pro is built for production, the Community Edition (CE) is suitable for open-source developers.

    Upgrade to our commercial distribution with finely-tuned auto-scaling, scale to zero and event connectors for Kafka and AWS SQS.

    We also offer Enterprise Support where you get to work directly with the founders of the project.

    Contact us about OpenFaaS Pro & Enterprise Support

  • Website Sponsorship 🌎

    Companies and brands are welcome to sponsor, the Gold and Platinum tiers come with a homepage logo, see costs and tiers. Website sponsorships are payable by invoice.

  • Press / Branding 📸

    For information on branding, the press-kit, registered entities and sponsorship head over to the openfaas/media repo. You can also order custom SWAG or take part in the weekly Twitter contest #FaaSFriday

    Looking for statistics? This project does not use a mono-repo, but is split across several components. Use Ken Fukuyama's dashboard to gather accurate counts on contributors, stars and forks across the GitHub organisation.

    Note: any statistics you gather about the openfaas/faas repository will be invalid, the faas repo is not representative of the project's activity.


OpenFaaS ® is an independent open-source project created by Alex Ellis, which is being built and shaped by a growing community of contributors.

OpenFaaS is hosted by OpenFaaS Ltd (registration: 11076587), a company which also offers commercial services, homepage sponsorships, and support. OpenFaaS ® is a registered trademark in England and Wales.


View a selection of end-user companies who have given permission to have their logo listed at

If you're using OpenFaaS please let us know on this thread. In addition, you are welcome to request to have your logo listed on the homepage. Thank you for your support.