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This list shows adopters of OpenFaaS. If you're using OpenFaaS in some way, then please add your team and use-case to this file

How else can you support this project?

Individual or company sponsor

You can sponsor OpenFaaS on GitHub, most users do this using their personal accounts.

You'll show up as a sponsor on issues and PRs, which is going to make it more likely you'll get a timely response and help from the community.

Help yourself, with the manual for OpenFaaS

Help yourself learn and grow, whilst supporting us.

  • Serverless For Everyone Else is the official manual for OpenFaaS, brimming with examples written in Node.js
  • Everyday Go is the official reference material from the OpenFaaS founder Alex Ellis for learning Go, and writing functions in Go.

Running OpenFaaS in production?

See how Community Edition (CE) which you are using now, compares to OpenFaaS Pro, which is designed for commercial use:

Overview and comparison of OpenFaaS Pro

Tell us more:

  • Send a comment, use-case, case-study, or let us know about your usage: GitHub issue #776
  • See companies which have also given written permission to use logo:

Adopters list (alphabetical)

  • 3fs - 3fs is using OpenFaaS for automating repetitive development tasks like automatic rebasing, vendoring of dependencies on merge requests and many other things that make our developers lives easier

  • 911 Security - "We migrated our Python functions from AWS Lambda using automation, and now run them in airgapped environments for customers using OpenFaaS and arkade" - Scott Creager

  • Altair Engineering - OpenFaaS powers the customer functions capability of the IoT SaaS platform, and separately each private on-prem installation of the product.

  • Axa France - Axa uses OpenFaaS for inference and predictions at scale using ML models - Pierre-Henri Gache

  • Baidu - A team within Baidu provides ML models to customers which are hosted on OpenFaaS - He Sun.

  • BCubed Engineering - "We use OpenFaaS to provide a serverless platform for our customers to run their code on."

  • - video encoding, transcoding - object detection for CCTV using AI.

  • Breu - Breu is using OpenFaaS to build an end user monitoring solution for hybrid cloud.

  • BT - BT are using OpenFaaS to enable collaboration between data-scientists and developers. The teams are going from 3-years to build and deliver a PoC, to 3 months. See: KubeCon video

  • BulletProof - Bulletproof are using OpenFaaS to build an on demand and scalable Vulnerability Scanning (VA) engine. Using OpenFaaS allows us to use compute resource efficiently yet maintain the ability to grow to meet customer scanning demands. We also like the ability to use pure docker containers to compose multiple scanning tools with different technologies into a single, coherent interface. This has reduced the time need to add new tools to the platform.

  • CDATA - Used for background jobs and tasks such as backing up and exchanging data between systems.

  • Citrix - Citrix built out a closed-source multi-tenant functions platform and UI using OpenFaaS. It is used for testing hardware devices and for automated QA testing.

  • Civo - Civo Cloud provide a 1-click Kubernetes marketplace application for OpenFaaS

  • Cloud Initiatives - Used for customer installations for custom functionality, and for main product providing educational course metrics.

  • Cognite - Cognite targets heavy asset industries such as oil and gas, shipping and energy sector. They provide data integration tools that help you extract, import, and transform data from siloed source systems, and OpenFaaS is used to provide a cloud function service for heavy tasks.

  • Contiamo - data-science platform hosting jupyter notebooks and functions for multiple tenants.

  • - "Corva is an information-sharing, collaboration-driving, and productivity-powering solution for your Drilling, Completions, Geoscience, and Sustainability teams."

  • DB2 Limited - mobile and web development company in Ukraine. Our internal projects using OpenFaaS functions to run customers code in Kubernetes cluster.

  • DigitalOcean - DigitalOcean provide a one-click droplet and a 1-click Kubernetes marketplace application for OpenFaaS

  • Dim Solution - "Dim Solution is using OpenFaaS in production"

  • Dragonchain - "At Dragonchain, we focus on creating a hybrid blockchain-as-a-service product, with integrations of OpenFaaS as our 'smart contract' platform, to be able to automatically run customer code based on interactions that occur on the blockchain. This allows us to be extremely flexible, as customers only have to create a docker container and give it to us in order to create a 'smart contract' which can have deep integrations with our blockchain itself.". Blog: Dragonchain & OpenFaaS

  • Edge Delta - "OpenFaaS powers parts of our "edge observability platform""

  • First Baptist Church Carrollton - "We use faasd as the backend for a Slack bot connected to our internal Slack workspace. The bot was initially created to facilitate remote question and answer sessions at our church by allowing viewers of our live stream to text or email questions in, have a staff member ask their question in the room, and then allow the staff member to send a response back to the sender. The texting is facilitated by Twilio while the email is done by interacting with a Gmail account via IMAP and SMTP."

  • Fonix Telematics - "We are using OpenFaaS to build our new generation of APIs."

  • FTI Consulting - "We've built a cloud-based analytical framework using Netflix Conductor for the workflow engine and OpenFaaS for our serverless function implementation, where each function can be called from a workflow. We've currently deployed several dozen OpenFaaS functions to our on-premise Kubernetes clusters" - Jason Cullison

  • GalaxyCard - "GalaxyCard is a happy user of OpenFaaS"

  • GH Electronic GmbH - "We've been using OpenFaaS in production for over 5 years and have 30 C# functions which are used in our manufacturing process."

  • GMO Internet

  • HelloSafe - "HelloSafe is one of the leading website of financial products comparison in Canada. We're using OpenFaas on our production applications."

  • HM Planning Inspectorate - HM Planning Inspectorate is the UK Government body responsible for dealing with planning appeals, national infrastructure planning applications, examinations of local plans and other specialist casework in England and Wales. OpenFaaS eased the communication between the new planning appeals website and the monolithic back-office application and allowed easy retries in the event of network failure.

  • HPE - HPE Ezmeral is a purpose-built, hybrid cloud platform for data science and analytics workloads.

  • Iconscout - e-commerce site for stock photography and icons. OpenFaaS is used to resize images and to bundle assets for customers.

  • Infotechpartners

  • Ingrooves - Ingrooves is a global music distribution, tech & marketing company, and OpenFaaS is a key component in its finance system for report generation, event publishing, and data ingestion.

  • - OpenFaaS is used within a commercial service and within the Open Source group for AI model serving.

  • Intraffic - "Using OpenFaaS for integration and callable AI/ML models for asset management."

  • Klar MX - "Cuenta con Klar" - Klar provides access to credit cards in Mexico for those who have issues with credit history.

  • - ChatGPT-like DevOps Virtual Assistant that runs OpenFaaS functions for custom infrastructure automation and management.

  • LivePerson - LivePerson extended their chat platform by allowing customers to write functions to execute in client chat flows. See KubeCon video

  • Live Time Value (LTV) Co. - "Data is at the heart of what we do" - the data-science team at LTV use OpenFaaS to provide a scalable and cost-effective way to run their models in production.

  • Mercedes Benz Tech Innovation - "We are currently using OpenFaaS as a communicative API between the vehicle app and the backend. In the future we plan to offer a service in the company, which every app developer can host an API on the OpenFaaS platform at short notice"

  • metaspan - "End-to-end blockchain solutions". metaspan ported all api endpoints from monolith express.js/sails.js to openfaas micro-functions.

  • MoneyLion

  • Naamio - "Naamio are providing an event-based serverless API to developers to enable rapid development of decentralized applications on the cloud. By providing progressive enhancement within the developer tools, OpenFaaS has enabled Naamio to go from clustered Docker container deployments with REST APIs using Kubernetes, to load balanced deployable functions over an open event queue interface. It was key to enabling a standard multilingual development kit across cloud providers."

  • Neoskop - Neoskop is using OpenFaaS in production to provide our developers with a self-service platform for backend functionality and thereby our customers agile and rapid feature development.

  • Nexylan - "We are a French professional host that use OpenFaaS in dev and production inside our private extranet. We use OpenFaaS to split our historic monolith project and then simplify development/maintainability and speed up development times."

  • NGC

  • Northwestern Mutual - "OpenFaaS is a great platform and Alex and team are a great resource. They will work very diligently with your team to help you get the most out of OpenFaaS, and he will always be able to provide valuable insight into issues that a team might face while developing software for the cloud." Kieran Gordon

  • Optiv - Cyber Security Solutions

  • Outsystems - "In my team, we're using OpenFaaS to help the orchestration of our CD pipelines. From a high-level perspective, we have a NATS cluster and the OpenFaaS functions subscribing to NATS topics and reacting to them. Our functions are doing some work related to the pipeline, like saving data to the database, sending Slack messages, or just returning something from the database." (Marco Alves)

  • P. A. Media Group - "We use OpenFaaS to orchestrate Terraform and Jenkins jobs for our internal infrastructure provisioning" - Rob Stonham

  • Patchworks Integration Limited - Ecommerce integrations made easy - functions provide custom enrichment for data and integrations with third-party APIs. Customers can provide their own PHP code to execute in a sandboxed environment.

  • PathfinderZA - PathfinderZA is an IOT security firm selling underground sensors that transmits warnings to users if a person or vehicle goes past it. We're using OpenFaas, with Dockerised functions written in Java (Quarkus) and Rust (Actix/Rocket-RS).

  • Pentium Network

  • PiperCI - PiperCI is a task management framework that provides users with a standard library of CI/CD-centric tasks and the OpenFaas and Kubernetes based infrastructure required to run them. PiperCI can be used in conjunction with existing CI/CD orchestrators like GitlabCI, Jenkins, TravisCI, or others to create a more scalable, robust, and functional CI/CD system.

  • Politics Rewired - Politics Rewired uses OpenFaaS to enable organisation of political campaigns and sending of SMS message at scale using functions.

  • Press Association - Press Association is using OpenFaaS in development and production as part of our deployment pipeline.

  • Pypestream - "We have just migrated 50 of our customers from Kubeless, which is now deprecated to OpenFaaS" - Antoine Hamon

  • Rapid Circle is using OpenFaaS within a Azure Kubernetes cluster to host a large amount of micro-services aiming at automating core activities of their Microsoft 365 Cloud Managed Services offering. Robustness, speed, scalable and simplicity have been major reasons to favor OpenFaaS over Azure Functions.

  • Ratehub - Ratehub is Canada's leading personal finance comparison site. We're breaking apart our monolithic PHP and Java codebases into Node, PHP and Java OpenFaaS functions; there's not much that we don't plan on moving to FaaS!

  • - "We process millions of documents per day and moved from AWS Lambda to Kubernetes. We estimate that OpenFaaS has saved us 60,000 USD each year over the past three years that we've been running it in our business" - Derrick Martinez

  • smashHit - smashHit is a project funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 871477. The objective of smashHit is to assure trusted and secure sharing of data streams from both personal and industrial platforms, needed to build sectorial and cross-sectorial services, by establishing a Framework for processing of data owner consent and legal rules (GDPR) and effective contracting, as well as joint security and privacy-preserving mechanisms. We are utilising OpenFaaS to support the need for scalable processing through the use of functions.

  • Sprucee - We use faasd as part of our base Encryption as a Service platform which were manually managed docker containers. As NATS based platform we were able to scale to every size we want, but deployment takes many labor time as we need to deal with OS level and customer limitations. Now we can use "faas install/up" to accomplish 80% of deployment effort.

  • SURF - The Green Village is a living lab at Delft University of Technology. It is an experimental, real-life setting with the goal to accelerate innovation for a sustainable future. SURF, a cooperative association of Dutch educational and research institutions providing digital infrastructure and ICT services, has developed a digital platform for The Green Village that uses OpenFaaS to classify and sort incoming sensor data at scale.

  • SURFsara IoT Platform for Sensemakers - The SURFsara IoT Platform for Sensemakers is a platform for storing, monitoring, visualising and analyzing sensor data. It is a collaboration platform designed to host multiple projects carried by the Sensemakers community. In addition, there is a project dedicated to experimentation, available for everyone to use. All data within the platform is shared. OpenFaaS serverless functions give access to the platform through an HTTP entry point, take care of the metadata extraction and enable custom event-driven actions.

  • Surge - Lending Platform and Salesforce integrations

  • - "TeamViewer users OpenFaaS across several clusters"

  • T-Mobile - T-Mobile is a global mobile network that provides mobile data, voice and text services to consumers and businesses.

  • Transmute Industries - "At Transmute we use OpenFaaS to develop identity and access integrations leveraging decentralized identities that integrate with legacy IAM systems. OpenFaaS helps Transmute and our customers avoid vendor lock in, encourages modularity, and helps us rapidly develop and release integrations for customers."

  • Traversals - At Traversals, we use OpenFaaS for processing of incoming data. We take benefit from various programming languages available in OpenFaaS.

  • UStore - "We're using OpenFaaS in production"

  • Very Good Security - VGS uses OpenFaaS to build a solid foundation for the development, deployment, and execution of custom logic on customer payloads as part of their secure compute platform.

  • Virality

  • Vision Banco SAECA - self-service home banking portal and asynchronous report/PDF generation. See: KubeCon Video

  • VMware

    • Used in "veba" VMware Event Broker Appliance to extend vSphere by adding event functionality. OpenFaaS functions and the vcenter-connector are used as an appliance.
    • CAS / vRA8 - The Cloud Automation Services product has an option to deploy "FaaS on-premises", this actually deploys OpenFaaS white-boxed / white-labelled. CAS Write-up from Swisscom
    • OpenFaaS is also repackaged as "Automation Extensibility" in the "vRO" product. See an example
  • VNourdin - I am a French web developer working with the Jamstack, using 11ty and faasd. I started with faasd as I wanted to make it work on my small VPS, but as I do more and more projects relying on OpenFaaS, I'll probably switch to a K8s cluster to gain scalability.

  • Waylay - We use OpenFaaS to deploy small snippets of code that can be combined in a low-code manner by our clients to do data orchestration and automation. Users of the platform also are able to deploy their own plugins (written in multiple languages), which also get deployed on OpenFaas.

  • - portable functions that can run on any hardware, indexed through blockchain.

  • WorldQuant - Using OpenFaaS as part of WorldQuant's solutions.

  • Yokogawa Electric

  • Ytel - Ytel are a Google Cloud customer and deployed OpenFaaS vs. the vendor alternative due to its wide range of templates, Dockerfile support and easier access to services within the VPC. The Dockerfile template allowed for easy migration of existing code. The latency of transactions for customers during purchase process was reduced by offloading synchronous code to NATS which is built into OpenFaaS. OpenFaaS also allowed "hot path" code to be refactored from large services into multiple functions, to take advantage of horizontal scaling.

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