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Operator Framework

The Operator Framework is an open source toolkit to manage Kubernetes native applications, called Operators, in an effective, automated, and scalable way.


  1. operator-sdk operator-sdk Public

    SDK for building Kubernetes applications. Provides high level APIs, useful abstractions, and project scaffolding.

    Go 7.1k 1.7k

  2. operator-lifecycle-manager operator-lifecycle-manager Public

    A management framework for extending Kubernetes with Operators

    Go 1.7k 537

  3. operator-registry operator-registry Public

    Operator Registry runs in a Kubernetes or OpenShift cluster to provide operator catalog data to Operator Lifecycle Manager.

    Go 209 239

  4. java-operator-sdk java-operator-sdk Public

    Java SDK for building Kubernetes Operators

    Java 741 184


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