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  1. cds cds Public

    Enterprise-Grade Continuous Delivery & DevOps Automation Open Source Platform

    Go 4.5k 415

  2. the-bastion the-bastion Public

    Authentication, authorization, traceability and auditability for SSH accesses.

    Perl 1.5k 87

  3. docs docs Public

    Official repository containing all docs & guides of OVH Group

    HTML 218 354

  4. venom venom Public

    🐍 Manage and run your integration tests with efficiency - Venom run executors (script, HTTP Request, web, imap, etc... ) and assertions

    Go 996 136

  5. overthebox overthebox Public

    OverTheBox - Aggregate and encrypt your multiple internet connections.

    Shell 194 44

  6. utask utask Public

    µTask is an automation engine that models and executes business processes declared in yaml. ✏️📋

    Go 1.1k 78


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