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Whoami provides enhanced privacy, anonymity for Debian and Arch based linux distributions


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Whoami provides enhanced privacy, anonymity for Debian and Arch based linux distributions

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About the project

In its simplest and shortest definition, Whoami is a user friendly privacy/anonymity tool with its ease of use and simple interface. Whoami uses 9+ different modules to ensure the highest possible level of anonymity also solves possible problems without disturbing you with the Bug fixer module, which is in development. You can find the descriptions of the modules below and more detailed information on the website.

Finally, don't forget that there is never a hundred percent security on the internet!


See the documentation section on the website for detailed information about modules

Module name


Anti mitm Automatically bans the attacker when you come under a Man In The Middle attack
Log killer Destroys the log files in system with the overwrite method
IP changer Hides your real ip address by redirecting all network traffic to tor transparent proxy
Dns change Replaces the default dns servers provided by your isp with privacy based servers
Mac changer Replaces each network interface in the system with a fake mac address
Anti cold boot Avoids ram dump by deleting traces in the system
Timezone changer Sets the time in utc to avoid location leaks from the system clock
Hostname changer Replaces the host name with a random name to hide it
Browser anonymization Configures the browser to be privacy focused

Getting started

If you do not update your system regularly or have not installed these packages on your system, you will not be able to use the tool. So let's see what we need before installation and how we can download it.

  • You can download all dependencies with the following command or check if they are up to date.

    sudo apt update && sudo apt install tar tor curl python3 python3-scapy network-manager


  1. Clone the repo

    git clone
  2. Install makefile

    sudo make install

And that's it, now you're ready to fire up the tool!


After completing setup, run the application by typing "Kali Whoami" in the search menu or by typing "sudo kali-whoami --help" in a terminal

Parameter Description
--start It will make backups and start the program.
--stop Closes the program using a backup.
--status Provides information about working status.
--fix Used to repair the system in case of a possible bug.
--help This shows the menu.

About the upcoming Whoami release


  • Update progress: %80 completed
  • Next release codename: 3388
  • Stage: Code is being integrated with python (the whole update will be released in 2023 june or july)
  • Changelog : The long awaited update is bigger than expected and it will be worth everyone's wait.


Distributed under the GPL V3 License. See LICENSE for more information