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MyQ LiftMaster and Chamberlain Plugin for HomeBridge (API 2.0)

homebridge-myq2 is a HomeBridge plugin to interact with MyQ Smart Garage door openers, made primarily by LiftMaster and Chamberlain.

There are two ways to be able to control a MyQ-compatible garage door opener through HomeKit:

  1. LiftMaster and Chamberlain make a hardware HomeKit bridge also called Home Bridge (not to be confused with the open source homebridge project). Unfortunately, some of us have encountered issues with the hardware bridge in a real world setting, where it either stops working or hangs for extended periods of time. Others have encountered no issues and this solution works well.

  2. A plugin for homebridge like this one that emulates the capabilities of a MyQ bridge.

Either solution will provide a complete solution to automating your garage door and you'll soon be automating your home with HomeKit like you always dreamed of. :)

What makes this plugin different than the other plugins out there for MyQ support?

Both homebridge-liftmaster2 and homebridge-chamberlain exist as good options, if you prefer. This plugin is based on homebridge-liftmaster2 with additional bugfixes and contributions by others. The intent is to keep this plugin up-to-date and incorporate additional capabilities as-needed without overly bloating it.

In a nutshell, the aim of this plugin for things to "just work". Without complex configuration options needed for the functionality you would expect from a first-party HomeKit plugin. But of course, those granular options are available as well for the adventurous or those with more esoteric use cases. What does "just work" mean? It means that this plugin will poll at regular, reasonable intervals for changes in state of a garage door opener or other MyQ device and inform HomeKit of those changes. By default. Without additional configuration beyond the login information required for MyQ services.


If you are new to Homebridge, please first read the Homebridge documentation. If you are running on a Raspberry, you will find a tutorial in the homebridge-punt Wiki.

Install homebridge:

sudo npm install -g homebridge

Install homebridge-myq2:

sudo npm install -g homebridge-myq2

What's new in 1.1

I've simplified some configuration options and adjusted some of the logging. There are also configuration file changes in this version - in particular, polling is no longer an optional parameter. Given the intent of this plugin is to inform you of state changes in your garage door opener (and other MyQ accessories), polling is an essential component particularly when you have automations in place. The default polling interval is 15 seconds which should be sufficient for most purposes but is configurable below.

Additionally, I've increased the polling duration for the shortPoll interval to give you more time between opening and closing the garage door to allow for more granular state changes.

Eventually, I hope we can reverse engineer the service / push protocol that MyQ uses, but for the time being, polling it is.


Add the platform in config.json in your home directory inside .homebridge.

"platforms": [{
    "platform": "MyQ2",
    "email": "",
    "password": "password"

Advanced Configuration (Optional)

This step is not required. HomeBridge with API 2.0 can handle configurations in the HomeKit app.

"platforms": [{
    "platform": "MyQ2",
    "name": "MyQ",
    "email": "",
    "password": "password",
    "verbose": false,
    "openDuration": 15,
    "closeDuration": 25,
    "longPoll": 15,
    "shortPoll": 5,
    "shortPollDuration": 600,
    "gateways": ["My Home"]

Fields Description Default Required
platform Must always be MyQ2. Yes
name For logging purposes. No
email Your MyQ account email. Yes
password Your MyQ account password. Yes
verbose Logging verbosity for debugging purporses. false No
openDuration Time in s to open garage door completely. 15 No
closeDuration Time in s to close garage door completely. 25 No
longPoll Normal polling interval in s. 15 No
shortPoll Polling interval in s when door state changes. 5 No
shortPollDuration Duration in s to use shortPoll. 600 No
gateways Array of gateway IDs or names to add. [] No


MyQ LiftMaster and Chamberlain Plugin for HomeBridge (API 2.0):








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