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This repository has been archived by the owner on Mar 20, 2022. It is now read-only.
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Normalizes nested JSON according to a schema


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📣 Normalizr is no longer maintained

Due to lack of ability to find an invested maintainer and inability to find time to do routine maintenance and community building, this package is no longer maintained. Please see the discussion 🤝 Maintainer help wanted for more information.


Should I still use Normalizr?

If you need it, yes. Normalizr is and has been at a stable release for a very long time, used by thousands of others without issue.

What should I do if I want other features or found a bug?

Fork Normalizr on Github and maintain a version yourself.

Can I contribute back to Normalizr?

There are no current plans to resurrect this origin of Normalizr. If a forked version becomes sufficiently maintained and popular, please reach out about merging the fork and changing maintainers.