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ZMK ARDUX Implementation

This repo contains the ZMK ARDUX implementation and pre-built firmware for boards that have been setup to use ARDUX by the core ARDUX development team.

Prebuilt Firmware

The Releases area of this repository contains the latest builds of the ZMK ARDUX implementation. You can click on the most recent release and download the appropriate artifact for your MCU + board combination. Inside the zip file will be the necessary file for flashing your MCU.

Firmware Files

Inside the firmware zip file will be 4 files

  • ardux.dtsi: The ARDUX definition that was used for the build
  • A file with .dts.pre.tmp at the end that is the generated DTS file used for the build (this is for any required troubleshooting)
  • A file with -zmk-ardux.hex at the end that is the hex firmware image that can be used to flash your MCU
  • A file with -zmk-ardux.uf2 at the end that is the uf2 firmware image that can be used to flash your MCU

Please Note: the hex and uf2 files may or may not be present depending on your MCU + board combo. PLEASE use the proper file for flashing your board.

We are NOT responsible for any failed firmware flashes!

Adding ARDUX Support

If you'd like to add ARDUX support to a board that supports ZMK but is not built by this repo. Please follow the standard ZMK docs on how to add a new shield but using this repo as your zmk-config and open a Pull Request.

Also, update the .github/workflows/build.yml file for the new board being submitted.

Note: This repo is setup with github actions so you can work directly via GitHub Actions similar to how the ZMK documentation outlines.


Unless otherwise stated all source code is licensed under the Apache 2 License.

Unless otherwise stated the non source code contents of this repository are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License


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