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  1. kafka-ui kafka-ui Public

    Open-Source Web UI for Apache Kafka Management

    Java 8.8k 1.1k

  2. swiss-army-kube swiss-army-kube Public

    Swiss Army Kube (SAK) is an open-source IaC (Infrastructure as Code) collection of services for quick, easy, and controllable deployment of EKS Kubernetes clusters on Amazon for your projects.

    Python 145 35

  3. sak-kubeflow sak-kubeflow Public

    🚀 Deploy Kubeflow on AWS EKS with Terraform 🤖

    HCL 62 23

  4. kafkaui-glue-sr-serde kafkaui-glue-sr-serde Public

    Java 5 2

  5. kafkaui-smile-serde kafkaui-smile-serde Public

    Smile serde plugin for kafka-ui

    Java 2 4

  6. kafka-ui-docs kafka-ui-docs Public

    Documentation for UI for Apache Kafka

    3 9


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