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  1. pycroscopy pycroscopy Public

    Scientific analysis of nanoscale materials imaging data

    Jupyter Notebook 253 71

  2. atomai atomai Public

    Deep and Machine Learning for Microscopy

    Python 182 38

  3. pyTEMlib pyTEMlib Public

    TEM data quantification library through a model-based approach

    Jupyter Notebook 16 9

  4. BGlib BGlib Public

    Band Excitation and General Mode microscopy analytics software

    Jupyter Notebook 3 6

  5. SciFiReaders SciFiReaders Public

    Tools for extracting data and metadata from scientific data files

    Jupyter Notebook 13 12

  6. sidpy sidpy Public

    Python utilities for storing, processing, and visualizing spectroscopic and imaging data

    Jupyter Notebook 11 15


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