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Collection of native software for Windows on ARM. (Working in Progress)

Table of Contents

See Also

arminask/windows-arm-apps has been maintaining a similar list as well.

Currently, the apps listed in the this and that repo have some differences from each other. Either repo may have some apps that the other doesn't have. So check both lists if you are looking for something.

I will try to merge the two lists in the future.

The Main List

This main list only contains software that is officially published.

Additionally, a list of third-party build or port of software is here:

Windows Features

Name Comment
Media Player
Windows subsystem for Android (WSA)
Windows subsystem for Linux (WSL) WSLg is also available
Windows Sandbox Require Windows 11 Build 22483 or later
Hyper-V Require Enterprise, Pro, or Education editions


Name Category free/paid/open source Comment
Chrome Browser free
Microsoft Edge Browser free by Microsoft
Firefox Brower open source
MS Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) Office paid by Microsoft
OneNote Note taking free by Microsoft
Microsoft To Do Todo List free by Microsoft
OneDrive Cloud Storage free by Microsoft. Require Windows Insider Program
Microsoft Journal Note taking free by Microsoft
GIMP Image Editor open source
Spotify Music free client
7-zip File archiver open source
NanaZip File archiver open source Support Win11 right click menu
Zoom Meeting free
Dropbox Cloud Storage free
Unigram * Instant Messaging open source Temporarily not available due to bug
Typora Markdown editor paid
Obsidian Markdown editor, Note taking free
Notepad++ Text editor open source
PowerToys Utilities open source by Microsoft
Sandboxie-Plus Software isolation open source
Xodo PDF viewer & editor free MS Store
Drawboard PDF PDF viewer & editor free MS Store
Sumatra PDF (Preview) PDF viewer open source preview release
PDF-XChange Editor PDF viewer & editor free / paid
VLC Media Player open source
Everything File search free
APK Installer WSA tool open source
Files File manager open source
Rufus Making USB flash drive open source
Pot OCR, Translate open source
CPU-Z Utilities free


Name Comment
VS Code
JetBrains IDEs
Visual Studio
Github Desktop (Beta) Beta
Python since v3.11 released on 2022-10-24
OpenJDK (Microsoft Build) Microsoft Build of OpenJDK
Go Language
Node.js since v19.9.0 released on 2023-04-10
Rust since v1.26.0 released on 2023-04-25
OpenSSL for Windows since v3.0.13 (EXPERIMENTAL)


Feel free to open an issue or submit PRs.


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