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Open GPU Data Science

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  1. cudf cudf Public

    cuDF - GPU DataFrame Library

    C++ 8k 872

  2. rmm rmm Public

    RAPIDS Memory Manager

    C++ 447 189

  3. cuml cuml Public

    cuML - RAPIDS Machine Learning Library

    C++ 4.1k 525

  4. cugraph cugraph Public

    cuGraph - RAPIDS Graph Analytics Library

    Cuda 1.6k 294

  5. cuspatial cuspatial Public

    CUDA-accelerated GIS and spatiotemporal algorithms

    Jupyter Notebook 581 146

  6. raft raft Public

    RAFT contains fundamental widely-used algorithms and primitives for machine learning and information retrieval. The algorithms are CUDA-accelerated and form building blocks for more easily writing …

    Cuda 689 182


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