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escape dashes in man page options
#411 opened Sep 19, 2023 by bencollerson Loading鈥
Add support for Restricted Admin Mode
#403 opened Oct 6, 2022 by steelman Loading鈥
wrong string was being null terminated
#375 opened Jun 11, 2020 by khalilfazal Loading鈥
Fix endianness of options field in CHANNEL_DEF
#317 opened Feb 21, 2019 by JiajunW Loading鈥
Bind Shift-Ctrl-Alt-Enter to iconify rdesktop.
#292 opened Nov 23, 2018 by jsparkes Loading鈥
Add option to set WM_CLASS
#265 opened May 10, 2018 by uglym8 Loading鈥
Net fixes
#253 opened Mar 26, 2018 by hean01-cendio Loading鈥
Introduce a type for the Fast-Path header
#246 opened Feb 2, 2018 by derfian Loading鈥
Add visualinfo data to debug log
#229 opened Jan 10, 2018 by paulmenzel Loading鈥
add missing functions when version openssl < 1.0.0
#227 opened Jan 9, 2018 by gilbsfr24 Loading鈥
Remove device by its ID.
#196 opened Nov 15, 2017 by uglym8 Loading鈥
Partial clean up of orders.c
#190 opened Nov 2, 2017 by derfian Loading鈥
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