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Enabling the delivery and management of modern on-prem Kubernetes applications.


  1. kots kots Public

    KOTS provides the framework, tools and integrations that enable the delivery and management of 3rd-party Kubernetes applications, a.k.a. Kubernetes Off-The-Shelf (KOTS) Software.

    Go 881 88

  2. kURL kURL Public

    Production-grade, airgapped Kubernetes installer combining upstream k8s with overlays and popular components

    Shell 723 79

  3. troubleshoot troubleshoot Public

    Preflight Checks and Support Bundles Framework for Kubernetes Applications

    Go 533 93

  4. unfork unfork Public

    Kubectl plugin to find forked Helm Charts and other K8s resources and unfork them with Kustomize

    Go 145 8

  5. outdated outdated Public

    Kubectl plugin to find and report outdated images running in a Kubernetes cluster

    Go 422 23


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