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Welcome to the Infosec_Reference wiki!

  1. Infosec_Reference
  • Be an awesome Information Security Reference
  • List of techinques, tools and tactics to learn from/reference.
  • Rich resource of infosec knowledge for anyone to browse through as a jumping off point for various niches OR as a reference/recall method for stuff.
  • Something like a “Yellow Pages” in the sense of you know something exists, but what was it called….
  • ‘if you give a man a fish he is hungry again in an hour. If you teach him to catch a fish you do him a good turn.’
  • Always accepting more links/stuff. Feel free to make a pull request or complaint.
Why Do You Care?
  • Don’t have to constantly google for tools/reminder.
  • Easily browsable list of tools, techniques, papers, and research in all sorts of areas.
  • Want to read some good info. Go here.
Why Do I Care?
  • I do this as a resource for myself(to teach others from) and offer it publicly as a way of giving back to the general community.
  • To be clear, these aren’t personal notes. I keep this repo maintained as a way of having pointers to information that I feel help build someone’s skillset or increase understanding of attacks/methods/defenses.
Index – Table of Contents

ATT&CK Stuff
Basic Security Information beginner
BIOS/UEFI/Firmware Attacks/Defense
Building a Testing Lab
Cheat Sheets
Courses & Trainingstar
Cryptography & Encryptiongame_die
CTFs & Wargames
Data Anaylsis & Visualization
Defense sunrise
Documentation & Reporting newspaper
Embedded Device Security
Exploit Development rainbow
Forensics & Incident Response
Fuzzing & Bug Hunting bug
Game Hacking video_game
Interesting Things & Useful Information
Network Attacks & Defensewarning
Open Source Intelligence Gathering – OSINTtelescope
Physical Securitydoor
Privilege Escalation and Post-Exploitation
AppSec/Programming Stuff
lemonRants & Writeupslemon
izakaya_lantern Red Teaming/Penetration Testing Stuff izakaya_lantern
REMATH Reverse Engineering
Reverse Engineering
smileySocial Engineeringsmiley
nut_and_bolt System Internals (Linux/Windows) nut_and_bolt
Threat Modeling
fireUI/UX Designfire
Web sunflower
Wireless Networks and RF Devices signal_strength
Notable Policy Docs
Insurance Data Security Model Law
NIST Cyber Security Framework 02/12/2014
PCI-DSS V3.2.1

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