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夜 - Yoru | Aesthetic and Beautiful Awesome Environment 🌓


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Hi there! Thanks for dropping by! ❤️‍🔥

AwesomeWM Logo

Yoru (夜) Aesthetic and Beautiful Awesome Environment

Greetings and welcome to "Yoru (夜) Aesthetic and Beautiful Awesome Environment!"

Within these digital pages, you'll discover my meticulously crafted AwesomeWM configuration files—a personal collection honed to perfection.

Whether you've arrived in search of AwesomeWM configuration files or seek inspiration for your Linux Rice journey, you're in the right place.

Feel absolutely free to borrow from my creations, but I kindly ask that you remember to give credit where credit is due :)

AwesomeWM stands as a testament to its name—the most formidable and profoundly customizable window manager for X. While configuring it might demand a fair share of your time and dedication, I can confidently say that the aesthetic outcome is well worth the effort.

Thank you for visiting and exploring my world of aesthetics and beauty. May your creative journey be as splendid as the night sky (夜) from which "Yoru" takes its name.

❄️ ‎ Information

Here are some details about my setup:

AwesomeWM Modules:

  • bling
    • Adds new layouts, modules, and widgets that try to focus on window management primarily
  • color
    • Clean and efficient api for color conversion in lua
  • layout-machi
    • Manual layout for Awesome with an interactive editor
  • UPower
    • A UPowerGlib based battery widget for the Awesome WM

Main Features:

  • Eye-catching Colorscheme
  • MacOS like window decorations
  • Dashboard Panel
  • Info Center Panel
  • Notification Center Panel
  • Bottom Panel
  • Word Clock Lockscreen
  • Minimalist Exit Screen
  • Music Player
  • App Launcher
  • Github Activity Previews
  • Brightness / Volume OSDs
  • LayoutList PopUP
  • Battery Indicator
  • Wifi Indicator
  • Calendar Widget
  • Weather Widget
  • Quick Settings Widget
  • Hardware Monitor Widget
  • Animated Workspace Indicator
  • Beautiful Naughty Notification
  • Right-Click Main Menu

This repo has a wiki! You can check it by clicking here here.

🔧 ‎ Setup

This is step-by-step how to install yoru on your system. Just R.T.F.M.

1. Install Required Dependencies and Enable Services

⚠️This setup instructions only provided for Arch Linux (and other Arch-based distributions)

Assuming your AUR Helper is paru.

First of all you should install the git version of AwesomeWM.

paru -S awesome-git

Install necessary dependencies

paru -Sy picom-git wezterm rofi acpi acpid acpi_call upower lxappearance-gtk3 \
jq inotify-tools polkit-gnome xdotool xclip gpick ffmpeg blueman redshift \
pipewire pipewire-alsa pipewire-pulse alsa-utils brightnessctl feh maim \
mpv mpd mpc mpdris2 python-mutagen ncmpcpp playerctl --needed

Enable Services

systemctl --user enable mpd.service
systemctl --user start mpd.service
2. Install Yoru

Clone this repository

git clone --depth 1 --recurse-submodules
cd yoru && git submodule update --remote --merge

Copy config files

cp -r config/* ~/.config/

Install a few fonts (mainly icon fonts) in order for text and icons to be rendered properly.

Necessary fonts:

Optional fonts:

  • My custom Iosevka build(Aesthetic Iosevka) - here
  • Azuki Font - here

Once you download them and unpack them, place them into ~/.fonts or ~/.local/share/fonts.

Or you can find the required fonts inside the misc/fonts folder of this repository.

cp -r misc/fonts/* ~/.fonts/
# or to ~/.local/share/fonts
cp -r misc/fonts/* ~/.local/share/fonts/

And run this command for your system to detect the newly installed fonts.

fc-cache -fv

Finally, now you can login with AwesomeWM

Congratulations, at this point you have installed yoru! 🎉

Log out from your current desktop session and log in into AwesomeWM

🎨 ‎ Colorscheme

colorscheme preview

Allow me to introduce the enchanting "Yoru (夜) Colorscheme!"

As the name suggests, "Yoru" translates to "night" in English, and these captivating and refined color schemes are tailor-made for those dedicated programmers who find solace in the depths of the night.

Designed with utmost care, this colorscheme offers a harmonious combination of shades that work tirelessly to keep your eyes refreshed and alert. With Yoru, you can write code and pursue your work deep into the night without the fatigue that harsh colors might induce.

The elegance of this colorscheme seamlessly integrates with every facet of your environment, ensuring a visually stunning and cohesive experience. It's the perfect complement to your aesthetic configuration, creating a harmonious blend that transcends the ordinary.

I proudly present "Yoru (夜) Colorscheme," a creation born from the hands and heart of none other than myself, rxyhn. Enjoy the beauty it brings to your digital world! <3

! special
*.foreground:   #edeff0
*.background:   #0c0e0f

! black
*.color0:       #232526
*.color8:       #2c2e2f

! red
*.color1:       #df5b61
*.color9:       #e8646a

! green
*.color2:       #78b892
*.color10:      #81c19b

! yellow
*.color3:       #de8f78
*.color11:      #e79881

! blue
*.color4:       #6791c9
*.color12:      #709ad2

! magenta
*.color5:       #bc83e3
*.color13:      #c58cec

! cyan
*.color6:       #67afc1
*.color14:      #70b8ca

! white
*color7:        #e4e6e7
*color15:       #f2f4f5
base_30 = {
	white = "#edeff0",
	darker_black = "#060809",
	black = "#0c0e0f",
	lighter_black = "#121415",
	one_bg = "#161819",
	one_bg2 = "#1f2122",
	one_bg3 = "#27292a",
	grey = "#343637",
	grey_fg = "#3e4041",
	grey_fg2 = "#484a4b",
	light_grey = "#505253",
	red = "#DF5B61",
	baby_pink = "#EE6A70",
	pink = "#e8646a",
	line = "#1b1d1e",
	green = "#78B892",
	vibrant_green = "#81c19b",
	nord_blue = "#5A84BC",
	blue = "#6791C9",
	yellow = "#ecd28b",
	sun = "#f6dc95",
	purple = "#c58cec",
	dark_purple = "#BC83E3",
	teal = "#70b8ca",
	orange = "#E89982",
	cyan = "#67AFC1",
	statusline_bg = "#101213",
	lightbg = "#1d1f20",
	pmenu_bg = "#78B892",
	folder_bg = "#6791C9",

base_16 = {
	base00 = "#0c0e0f",
	base01 = "#121415",
	base02 = "#161819",
	base03 = "#1f2122",
	base04 = "#27292a",
	base05 = "#edeff0",
	base06 = "#e4e6e7",
	base07 = "#f2f4f5",
	base08 = "#f26e74",
	base09 = "#ecd28b",
	base0A = "#e79881",
	base0B = "#82c29c",
	base0C = "#6791C9",
	base0D = "#709ad2",
	base0E = "#c58cec",
	base0F = "#e8646a",

📑 ‎ Fonts

I am thrilled to share with you my very own custom font, inspired by the Iosevka Custom Build, featuring two distinctive variants: "Original" and "Nerd Font." What sets this font apart is its remarkable support for ligatures, enhancing your coding and text-editing experience.

This font holds a special place in my heart—it's my personal favorite among monospace fonts. It graces both my terminal emulator and all my code editors, elevating the quality of my coding endeavors.

And here's the icing on the cake: when paired with the enchanting Yoru Colorscheme, the synergy between font and colorscheme creates an absolutely mesmerizing visual experience. It's a combination that breathes life into your digital workspace, making it truly awesome!

I invite you to explore and enjoy the beauty and functionality of my custom font, knowing that it was crafted with dedication and passion.

Font Preview:

  • Regular
    font preview
  • Italic
    font preview


  1. Clone or Download this repository
  2. Change the current directory to yoru/misc/fonts/Aesthetic Iosevka
  3. Choose the variant you want, or choose both
  4. Take actions depending on your OS:
    • Windows: Select the font files and drag into font settings / font control panel page.
      • On Windows 10 1809 or newer, the default font installation is per-user, and it may cause compatibility issues for some applications, mostly written in Java. To cope with this, right click and select “Install for all users” instead. Ref.
    • macOS: Follow instructions here.
    • Linux : Copy the font files to your fonts directory then run sudo fc-cache.


  • Original:

    "editor.fontFamily": "Aesthetic Iosevka Original",
    "editor.fontLigatures": true,
  • Nerd Font:

    "editor.fontFamily": "AestheticIosevka Nerd Font",
    "editor.fontLigatures": true,

🌊 ‎ Gallery

Modern Top Panel
bottom panel preview
Aesthetic Dashboard
dashboard preview
Simple & Good looking Info Center
info center preview
Beautiful Notification Center
notification center preview
Naughty Notifications
notifications preview
Custom mouse-friendly ncmpcpp UI
ncmpcpp preview
Lockscreen with PAM Integration
word clock lockscreen preview
Minimalist Exitscreen
exitscreen preview

🗾 ‎ History

I must admit that this project had humble beginnings, born out of sheer boredom. It all began in January 2022 when I decided to delve into the world of Linux. While exploring the realm of Linux desktop art, a particular setup captured my attention, igniting a newfound interest in crafting something similar. And thus, here we are today, with my current setup, meticulously designed to embody an aesthetic that truly resonates with me.

As you may have already noticed, aesthetics take center stage in my work. Every element you see has been carefully curated to exude beauty and grace. However, my pursuit doesn't end with aesthetics alone. Functionality is equally vital in my endeavor, as I aim to create an operating system that not only pleases the eye but also ensures a comfortable and seamless user experience.

I genuinely hope that you enjoy my creation, and I wish you a wonderful day filled with positivity and inspiration! <3

I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all those who appreciate and support my work. Your love means the world to me. <3

📜 ‎ License

Yoru is under GNU GPL-3.0 License.

👤 ‎ Author

Yoru is created by Rxyhn.


If you've found joy and value in what I've shared, and you're inclined to express your appreciation, you have the option to provide a tip here.

Your gesture is never obligatory but forever cherished.

With heartfelt thanks, 💗

💡 ‎ Acknowledgements

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