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ssss - Stupid Simple Seedbox Script

This is currently a proof-of-concept for a barebone seedbox script.

It is meant to be a very fast, lean and simple alternative to existing heavy seedbox scripts.

On comparably modern systems, the script delivers a working seedbox setup in about 30 seconds.

It installs transmission-daemon from the default repository and caddy with enabled auto-updated TLS (Let's Encrypt) acting as reverse proxy for the Transmission web UI as well as a HTTPS file server for the downloaded files.

This script relies on the official Caddy .deb repository on, which is currently providing Caddy packages for the following architectures:

amd64 arm64 armel armel armhf ppc64el s390x

Additonally, it's currently only working properly if caddy can bind on ports 80 and 443 (both ports have to be externally reachable).


The script is to be used with 3 options, $1 for an existing domain name pointing to the server, $2 for the username and $3 for the password used for accessing Transmission and the file list.


First, download the script using wget and make it executable.

wget && chmod +x

Then, run it as root with all relevant variables.

sudo sh user password would create a seedbox on the with the username user and password password.


I am not responsible for anything this script ends up doing, I tested it (to some extent) and it shouldn't do any harm, but please use it with caution.