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Saleor Commerce

The commerce API that puts developers first.

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  1. saleor saleor Public

    Saleor Core: the high performance, composable, headless commerce API.

    Python 20.4k 5.4k

  2. saleor-dashboard saleor-dashboard Public

    A GraphQL-powered, single-page dashboard application for Saleor.

    TypeScript 805 1.1k

  3. cli cli Public

    Command-line interface allowing interaction with Saleor Cloud environments.

    TypeScript 68 22

  4. apps apps Public template

    A central space for Saleor Apps, integrations, and the App Store 🚀

    TypeScript 102 272

  5. storefront storefront Public

    Saleor Storefront built with React 18, Next.js 14, App Router, TypeScript, GraphQL, and Tailwind CSS.

    TypeScript 971 563

  6. saleor-docs saleor-docs Public

    Saleor documentation.

    JavaScript 105 142


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