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amtc - Intel vPro AMT / WS-Management mass remote power management tool


amtc works fine and there are currently no known issues. Anyhow -- you may want to look into amtgo, which combines amtc's and amtc-web's functionality in a single, golang-based binary; Apache, PHP and cron no longer needed for amtc-web!


  • performs vital AMT operations (info, powerup, powerdown, reset...)
  • threaded, thus fast (queries 180 Core i5 PCs in a quarter of a second (using EOI and no TLS))
  • allows mass-powerups/downs/... using a custom delay
  • lightweight C application, only depends on libcurl, gnutls and pthreads
  • currently builds fine on linux and OSX (and windows via cygwin; unverified since 0.4.0)
  • allows quick and comfortable mass-power control via shell and...
  • comes with a EmberJS-based web interface called amtc-web, that depends on Slim and Idiorm and Paris to provide a JSON backend for these amtc-web features:
    • power state monitoring via AMT© including OS TCP port probing/detection
    • anachronous OOB power control using a database-driven job queue
    • power/OS-monitoring logging with [notyet:] graphing
    • management of master file data like rooms and hosts to control
    • setup (of atmc-web itself, i.e. providing database connection details etc.)
  • acts as a tool for flexible and robust scheduled remote power management (which is true for amtc itself and amtc-web; amtc-web just adds another layer of comfort regarding shell interaction with your many hosts).


 amtc v0.8.5 - Intel AMT & WS-Man OOB mass management tool
  amtc [-actions] [-options] host [host ...]

  -I(nfo)     query powerstate via AMT [default]
  -U(p)       powerup given host(s)
  -D(own)     powerdown
  -C(ycle)    powercycle
  -R(eset)    reset
  -X          select PXE as device for next boot (AMT 9.0+)
  -H          select HDD as device for next boot (AMT 9.0+)
  -S(hutdown) using AMT graceful shutdown (AMT 9.0+)
  -(re)B(oot) using AMT graceful reset    (AMT 9.0+)
  -L(ist)  valid wsman <classname>s for -E(numeration)
  -E(numerate)<classname>       enumerate/list settings
  -M(odify)   <setting>=<value> modify wsman settings
              where supported settings: webui,sol or ping
              and supported values    : on or off
  -5          for AMT 5.0 hosts
  -d          for AMT 9.0+ hosts - use WS-Man/DASH
  -m(aximum)  number of parallel workers to use [40]
  -p(asswdfile) specify file containing AMT password
  -j(son)     produces JSON output of host states
  -q(uiet)    only report unsuccessful operations
  -r(DP)-scan probe TCP port 3389 for OS detection
  -s(SH)-scan probe TCP port 22   for OS detection
  -e(nforce)  rdp/ssh probes, regardless of AMT state
  -t(imeout)  in seconds, for amt and tcp scans [5]
  -g(nutls)   will use TLS and port 16993 [notls/16992]
  -c(acert)   specify TLS CA cert file [/etc/amt-ca.crt]
  -n(oVerify) will skip cert verification for TLS
  -v(erbose)  detailed progress, debug by using -vvv
  -w(ait)     in seconds / float, after each pc. one thread.


ever-pre-1.0. just for fun. against all odds. works for me... check the changelog.

You may want to give amtc-web a try -- just login with setup default credentials (admin/amtc). The demo page runs off a read-only sqlite database so you shouldn't be able to make any changes.

amtc 0.8.0 introduced the -E option, which serves for retreiving system configuration and asset management data. Currently, amtc will not parse those replies and just dump the raw SOAP reply. amtc-web currently offers no way yet to retreive/display those values.

Honestly, in some aspects, amtc [still] is a hack. The most obvious one is: amtc has no clue of SOAP. It dumbly replays control commands I once wiresharked (see the cmd_* and wsman_* files in src dir). Other tools available most likely do the right thing™ and use a real SOAP library like gSOAP. If you're hit by this hack, please file a bug of an amtc-run using -vvvv option -- thanks!

building, installation



This project is published under the MIT license. It heavily relies on bundled 3rd party OSS components that are listed in the in-app 'about' page of amtc-web; their individual license texts have been bundled into LICENSES-3rd-party.txt. That file is also distributed with any release of amtc.


  • amtgo implements functionality of amtc and amtc-web in a single binary. Maybe give it a try first!
  • amttool: Without amttool, there would be no amtc. Thanks! amttool is implemented in perl and intended for interactive, verbose single-host operation. amtc is implemented in C, and by using threads optimized for quick, succinct (non-)interactive mass-operation.
  • amttool_tng: The next generation. Even more config stuff.
  • vTul: A windows powershell based GUI. Again, completely different story.
  • for DASH-only use, the best choice for windows CLI scenarios is most likely AMD's dashcli. Find MS SCCM plugins there, too.
  • bootstrap your own using the intel AMT SDK
  • OpenWSMAN: Correct SOAP implementation, rich feature set.