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Little tool in python to watch and download anime from the terminal (the better way to watch anime). Also applicable as an API


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Anime from the comfort of your Terminal

What even is this?

A Little tool written in python to watch and download anime from the terminal (the better way to watch anime) This project's main aim is to create a enjoyable anime watching and downloading experience, directly in the terminal - your favorite place.

Since the version 3 rewrite this project is split into api and frontend this makes it easy to integrate this into your project!

You are just here for the client?

PyPI - Version

As one wise man once said:

I DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT THE FUCKING CODE! i just want to download this stupid fucking application and use it.

WHY IS THERE CODE??? MAKE A FUCKING .EXE FILE AND GIVE IT TO ME. these dumbfucks think that everyone is a developer and understands code. well i am not and i don't understand it. I only know to download and install applications. SO WHY THE FUCK IS THERE CODE? make an EXE file and give it to me. STUPID FUCKING SMELLY NERDS

Please do not take this seriously this is some stupid copypasta

We do not have a .exe but we have pipx: pipx install anipy-cli

Check out Getting Started - CLI for more installation options (pip, nix) and advice!

You want to use the api for your project?

PyPI - Version

Feel free to - please check out Getting Started - API for instructions

❤️ Credits!

All contributors for contributing

anipy-cli contributors

If you want to contribute as well check out this: