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  1. scapy scapy Public

    Scapy: the Python-based interactive packet manipulation program & library.

    Python 10.1k 2k

  2. awesome-scapy awesome-scapy Public

    Great packages that use Scapy

    197 31

  3. etherpuppet etherpuppet Public

    Clone network interface from one host as a tap interface on another host

    C 51 11

  4. scapytain scapytain Public archive

    Scapytain is a web application that enables you to store, organise and run test campaigns on top of Scapy.

    Python 16 9

  5. Public

    Home of

    HTML 10 8

  6. pyrat pyrat Public archive

    The ancestor of Scapy

    Python 5 3


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