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@guedou guedou released this 25 Dec 10:20
· 366 commits to master since this release


Scapy v2.5.0 is the last version to support Python 2.7

Main Changes

  • Type hinting of Scapy core: Scapy now provides type hintings for all of its core
  • Python 3.9 and 3.10 support
  • macOS 10.15 support
  • update built-in dependencies (six) + and our cryptography imports that created warnings
  • fix sniffing performance issues with 2.4.4+ on Windows
  • greatly improve BPF (macOS) support (timestamps...)
  • enhanced loopback interface support on Linux, *BSD, and Windows
  • SPDX License identifiers added
  • several major CLI improvements, especially in autocompletion: you can now auto-complete the names for all Scapy fields, automatons, answering machines thanks to signature injection (and patches in IPython/bpython)


  • improved support of BPF
  • support pcapng writing, comments, TLS secrets decryption block
  • Re-work how sent_time is shared across packets iterators
  • support new LINUX_SLL2 packet type (new tcpdump versions)
  • pipes: performances issues fixed
  • tools: fixes to hexdiff, lhex...
  • [breaking] FlagsField in dict mode now uses values instead of offsets


  • new layers related to Windows: DCERPC/NTLM/KERBEROS/GSSAPI/SPNEGO/(C)LDAP.
  • new contrib layers: ESMC/RTPS/RTPC/metawatch
  • rework Netbios/SMB1/SMB2, basic SMB clients & server, ntlm relay
  • several fixes to the TLS implementation
  • major zigbee/6lowpan improvements
  • bug fixes in TLS: properly support FFDH, fix the TLS 1.3 notebooks... among other things
  • p0f module update
  • IPsec: fixes, x25519 support...
  • various updates to the ASN.1 engine
  • IKEv2: fixes, UDP encapsulation
  • STUN support
  • Postgres line protocol 3.0 support
  • EDNS0 client subnet support
  • ESMC protocol added
  • support TCP-MD5 and TCP-AO options
  • ERF Ethernet Support
  • many fixes: modbus, 802.11, BTLE, SCTP, DNS, LLDP, Kerberos, RTPS, DHCP, MQTT, BGP, L2TP...


  • ISOTPSoftSocket: Bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Documentation and API-Doc improvements
  • Unit-Test speedups for Scanners
  • IPv6 support for DoIP
  • Bugfixes for DoIP
  • Unit-Test cleanups
  • UDS-, GMLAN- and OBD-Scanner refactoring
  • CANFD support


  • new sanity rules prevent fields from having the same name in all packets
    • Currently displays a warning but will become a SyntaxError in the future!
  • archives of the Scapy repo should now have more consistent hashes