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secure remote access to ssh, rdp, web and database services
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About The Project

TRASA is a unified access control platform with identity-aware access proxy, privileged access management, two-factor authentication, device trust, and access policy features that enable secure remote access to Web, SSH, RDP, and Database services.

These features cumulatively enables zero trust access control security model to every remote access endpoints.

Immediate use cases and benefits

  • Secure remote access to internal infrastructure and services by internal team.
  • Secure remote access to internal infrastructure and services for 3rd party vendors.
  • Follow best practice security for remote access.

Getting Started

We encourage to checkout TRASA website » for latest information on getting started with TRASA.


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Distributed under the Mozilla Public License v2 License. See LICENSE for more information.


Reach out to Seknox team at secure at seknox dot com.