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ipfu - IP kung-FU - another packet crafting tool

TL;DR - what's dis

It's a packet crafting tool written in python, using scapy. Kinda modular, at the moment we have the following modules:

  • arpsub - broken? ... i dont remember
  • gwscan - try to find a (gate)way to a different network
  • tracemap - broken/unfinished
  • flagfuzzer - TCP flag fuzzing for firewall auditing and messing with the netstack
  • udpholepunch - broken/unfinished
  • ipid - measuring
  • rr - IP Options Record Route feature - like traceroute but -forexample- leaks internal IP addresses, etc. - see below
  • tsfu - IP Options timestamp feature to map remote (internal) networks
  • synfinfu - iptables firewall "--syn" bypass (Only match TCP packets with the SYN bit set and the ACK,RST and FIN bits cleared.)
  • arping - i dont remember.

short story

I wrote this tool a few years ago. Originally it was publicated at The techniques implemented in this tool were mostly discussed on BuheraBlog: