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File sharing flutter webrtc app enabling sending files to any device from anywhere


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AirDash File Sharing

Transfer photos and files to any device.

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Key features

  • Support for all major platforms and app stores (iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux and Android)
  • Free forever to send any number of files of any size
  • Maximum privacy and security by fully encrypting files and transferring them directly between devices
  • Quickly start transfers using native mobile share sheet and drag and drop on desktop
  • Send files anywhere (no need to be on the same network or nearby)
  • Automatically uses the best and fastest connection available (wifi, mobile internet, ethernet etc)

Key technologies

  • Flutter 3 (iOS, macOS, Android, Linux and Windows apps)
  • WebRTC (file and data transfers)
  • Firebase Firestore (WebRTC signaling and config storage)
  • Firebase Functions (device pairing and config automation)
  • Firebase Hosting (website and static files hosting)
  • App Store Connect API and Microsoft Store submission API (release automation)
  • Mixpanel (web and app analytics)
  • Sentry (app monitoring and error tracking)

Run project

  • Create a firebase project ( and enable firestore and anonymous authentication
  • Create a .env file by duplicating the .env.sample file
  • Replace the firebase project id and web API key in the .env file with the ones for your project (firebase console -> project settings)
  • Run dart tools/scripts.dart app_env to get a env.dart file
  • Deploy pairing backend function by cd functions && npm i && npx firebase deploy --only pairing
  • Run app using editor or flutter run

By default a google stun server is used to connect peers. The simplest way to enable turn servers as well is to use Create functions/.env file similar to the functions/.env-sample file and deploy the updateTwilioToken backend function.


Contributions are very much welcome on everything from bug reports to feature development. If you want to change something major write an issue about it first to ensure it will be considered for merge.