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Collection of projects for the WeMos Mini D1

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ESP8266 Projects

This repository contains a small number of projects for use with/on the ESP8266 chip, as packaged by the WeMos Mini D1.

Template Project

The d1-template project is a skeleton which carries out the basic tasks many projects would require:

  • Connects to your local WiFi network.
    • Acting as an access-point if it has not previously connected.
  • Refreshes the date/time via NTP.
  • Runs a mini webserver.

This project is a good starting point for new work.

Distance Sensor

The d1-distance project is used to determine if my desk-chair is occupied by measuring a distance with an ultrasonic sensor.

EPaper Image Display

The epaper-web-image project demonstrates featching an image over HTTP/HTTPS and drawing it upon a 4.2" epaper display.

Helsinki Tram Display

The d1-helsinki-tram-times project shows the departure times of Trams in Helsinki, and is more fully documented on the project homepage.

NTP-Based Clock

The d1-ntp-clock does exactly what the name implies, operates as a clock getting the time via NTP.

The project is documented on the project homepage.

Pixel Editor

The d1-pixels project presents a simple pixel-editor which can be used to update an 8x8 LED Matrix in real-time, via your browser.

The project is documented on the project homepage.

Temperature & Humidity Measurement

This simple project records the current temperature & humidity value via a DHT22 sensor, and submits to a local MQ bus.

Web Radio

The d1-web-radio project allows a web-browser to control a TEA5767-based radio receiver, allowing you to listen to the radio with ease.

Water Flow Counting

The d1-water-meter project is a simple one that measures the flow of water being sent to our washing-machine. The data is published on an MQ bus.