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  1. chainlink chainlink Public

    node of the decentralized oracle network, bridging on and off-chain computation

    Go 6.8k 1.6k

  2. hardhat-starter-kit hardhat-starter-kit Public template

    A repo for boilerplate code for testing, deploying, and shipping chainlink solidity code.

    JavaScript 1.2k 489

  3. chainlink-local chainlink-local Public

    The Chainlink CCIP Local Simulator, visit documentation by clicking the link below:

    Solidity 25 7

  4. documentation documentation Public The Chainlink developer documentation website for Smart Contract Devs and Node Operators

    MDX 366 379

  5. starter-kits starter-kits Public

    A repo of starter kits for working with various languages and frameworks across the smart contract ecosystem.

    229 107

  6. external-adapters-js external-adapters-js Public

    Monorepo containing JavaScript implementation of external adapters

    TypeScript 266 301


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