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  1. socket socket Public

    A cross-platform runtime for Web developers to build desktop & mobile apps for any OS using any frontend library.

    JavaScript 1.5k 70

  2. union-app-studio union-app-studio Public

    Like Codepen, but for native apps!

    JavaScript 1.2k 43

  3. socket-examples socket-examples Public

    Socket Runtime Examples – see how your favorite front-end framework is used to build cross platform UIs

    SCSS 108 12

  4. create-socket-app create-socket-app Public

    Create Socket App, is like Create React App but helps you build native apps for mobile and desktop with Svelte, Reactjs, Vuejs and others!

    JavaScript 133 14

  5. tonic tonic Public

    A Low Profile Component Framework – Stable, minimal, easy to audit, zero-dependencies and build-tool-free.

    JavaScript 853 24

  6. components components Public

    Example Components (Built with Tonic)

    JavaScript 85 7


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