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Unreal Engine Web Remote Control Library

This plugin implements some functions useful to interact with the Unreal Editor via Web Remote Control. It also serves as a starter for writing your own blueprint function library for remote control.

It provides the URemoteControlLibrary Blueprint function library. All methods are callable via Web Remote Control. Clients that wish to interact with this object must invoke it with path /Script/RemoteControlLibrary.Default__RemoteControlLibrary.

Check Web Remote Control for instructions on how to enable the feature in your editor.


All methods currently supported are declared in Source/Classes/RemoteControlLibrary.h.

Client-side libraries

Check ue4-remote-control for a client-side implementation in TypeScript of the protocol, which also includes a class for this library. See tests/remote-control-library.js for some examples.


To extend, create a new UClass inheriting URemoteControlLibrary; all callable methods must be BlueprintCallable and public.


I created this library as a base for my own projects, so it may not be very useful by itself without adding more methods. If you want some commonly useful methods to be included I'd be happy to consider any merge request!


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