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πŸ’« About Me:

All my projects will revolve around fuzzing, exploitation and vulnerability research in general.
The programming languages of my choice are Rust, Python, and C.

🌐 Socials:

Please don't hesitate to reach out for questions/ideas or anything in between :)!






I'll be able to cover server costs for experimenting and hosting once I'm sponsored for $100 each month :)!

Featured work

  1. 0xricksanchez/paper_collection

    Academic papers related to fuzzing, binary analysis, and exploit dev, which I want to read or have already read

  2. 0xricksanchez/like-dbg

    Fully dockerized Linux kernel debugging environment

    Python 728
  3. CodeIntelligenceTesting/jazzer.js

    Coverage-guided, in-process fuzzing for Node.js

    TypeScript 276
  4. 0xricksanchez/fisy-fuzz

    This is the full file system fuzzing framework that I presented at the Hack in the Box 2020 Lockdown Edition conference in April.

    Python 138
  5. 0xricksanchez/dlink-decrypt

    D-Link firmware decryption PoC

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