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My name is Arnold. I like reverse engineering and improving my home environment - such as by measuring CO2, ventilation, and monitoring and controlling my Daikin heat pump over the main controller interface via the P1/P2 interface.

By using my software and hardware, by providing feedback and contributing to it, and by sponsoring me you stimulate me to further develop these projects!

Many thanks for your support!


Actually my goal is that you benefit from this project, improve your heating system's comfort and efficiency, and I'd appreciate you sharing your experience or log files or code - but sponsor support is very welcome too, of course!

Featured work

  1. Arnold-n/P1P2MQTT

    Monitor and control Daikin/Rotex (hybrid/Altherma) heat pumps via the 2-wire P1/P2 thermostat interface with an ATmega328P, ESP8266, and electronics. The P1P2Serial library and P1P2Monitor program …

    C++ 271
  2. Arnold-n/Covid-CO2

    DIY portable CO2 sensor

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