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My name is Arnold. I like reverse engineering and improving my home environment - such as by measuring CO2, ventilation, and monitoring and controlling my Daikin heat pump over the main controller interface via the P1/P2 interface.

By using my software and hardware, by providing feedback and contributing to it, and by sponsoring me you stimulate me to further develop these projects!

Many thanks for your support!

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Actually my goal is that you benefit from this project, improve your heating system's comfort and efficiency, and I'd appreciate you sharing your experience or log files or code - but sponsor support is very welcome too, of course!


Featured work

  1. Arnold-n/P1P2MQTT

    Monitor and control Daikin/Rotex (hybrid/Altherma) heat pumps via the 2-wire P1/P2 thermostat interface with an ATmega328P, ESP8266, and electronics. The P1P2Serial library and P1P2Monitor program …

    C++ 274
  2. Arnold-n/Covid-CO2

    DIY portable CO2 sensor

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