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Hi. I'm Atsushi Sakai, an autonomous navigation system engineer in Japan.

I'm developing some open source software: OSS about autonomous navigation and etc.

If you like these OSS, could you please support the projects financially?

Atsushi Sakai


Reaching this goal will help more documentations of PythonRobotics and more maintenance of SciPy.

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Featured work

  1. AtsushiSakai/PythonRobotics

    Python sample codes for robotics algorithms.

    Python 22,107
  2. scipy/scipy

    SciPy library main repository

    Python 12,637
  3. AtsushiSakai/MATLABRobotics

    MATLAB sample codes for mobile robot navigation

    MATLAB 581
  4. AtsushiSakai/PyAdvancedControl

    Python codes for advanced control

    Python 482
  5. AtsushiSakai/rosbag_to_csv

    Converter from ros bag to csv

    Python 313

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If you support my OSS with this tier, I can consult you about your project with e-mail.