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Azeem Idrisi

New Delhi, India

Hey, awesome to hear you're interested in sponsoring me.

I'm Mohd Azeem, a Computer Science student from India. I believe in public learning, and that every project should be open source, so most of my projects start out as public repositories. I am always eager to build cool projects.

With this sponsorship, I will be able to focus more on my open source projects. I will make sure that these sponsorships help with the projects and go towards making them better.

At the end, I'd like to thank you for considering sponsoring me.

2 sponsors have funded AzeemIdrisi’s work.


Reaching this goal will help me gain more confidence in the open source world.

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Featured work

  1. AzeemIdrisi/PhoneSploit-Pro

    An all-in-one hacking tool to remotely exploit Android devices using ADB and Metasploit-Framework to get a Meterpreter session.

    Python 4,420
  2. AzeemIdrisi/InstaLoaderApp

    Instagram Bulk Media Downloader for Android based on instaloader

    Kotlin 50
  3. AzeemIdrisi/TweetifyMusic

    A Twitter Bot that utilizes GitHub Actions to automatically tweet your recently played song on Spotify on a manually scheduled basis.

    Python 1

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