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Thanks for checking me out. I'm Daniel Breedeveld. Born and raised Dutch🇳🇱, and moved over to Australia🇦🇺 in 2019 because I'm a good dad.


My mission is simple: Make local, on-device AI available to the masses. Any device, any platform. Privacy friendly, dev friendly, and without depending on internet connectivity. Along this journey, I demonstrate my work on platforms like while I make more progress and work out my idea's into tangible products. It's working today, on any major platform including mobile and desktop.

Look, I love buildings out my ideas, even more so if I can open source this while making it sustainable.

There's a huge potential, at least in my view, to make this type of product accessible to the masses that have no clue about GitHub, command line, SDK's, bash/shell scripts and so forth.

Why Becoming a Sponsor

No, it's not about the sponsorship badge you get or other digital goodies. To bring it very simple: I rather make a living this way then work on proprietary software. Having sponsorships to support my work would encourage others like me to build products out in the open as well. It's a win-win for everyone.

Your sponsorship would help me convince myself, my family, my friends and especially my landlord that I'm not crazy for doing this.

Flutter & Dart

What is Flutter? The name of a cross-platform UI framework backed by Google. The actual programming language behind this is called Dart, also developed by Google. It's similar to C# and Java, but tailored towards Flutter which is a huge benefit.

Relocated from NL to AU

Days before the pandemic started, I flew from the Netherlands (home) to Australia for a 'holiday' with my son (baby at that time). Suddenly, Australia had one of the strictest lockdowns in the world. Flying back home was not an option. Being me, I adapted and aimed to get back to work by finding a new job there.

Passion for AI, Career in Flutter

Once I was settled in Australia, I applied for several AI related roles without success (ML Engineering / Data Engineering). Didn't even get to an interview. I blame my visa at the time. Thus, looking at the Aussie start-up scene, I figured out I could make a living by building apps in Flutter. Lucky me, I had been tinkering with Flutter since 2018 for fun which makes finding jobs easier.


Birth year of my dad who passed away Oct 10, 2023. He has always been proud of me, thus this isn't to make him 'proud' anymore. But hey, if I made you smile or laugh in any of my README's, online posts or other ways - well, that is the Dutch humor I got from him. Whether that is a positive or a negative thing, I'll leave that up to you!

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Featured work

  1. BrutalCoding/

    Making offline AI models accessible to all types of edge devices.

    Dart 111
  2. BrutalCoding/

    AubAI brings you on-device gen-AI capabilities, including offline text generation and more, directly within your app.

    Dart 173

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