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I am a programmer that has frequently contributed to open source in my free time over the course of 20 years. Today, I primarily contribute to the Rust library ecosystem, and I've been a member of the Rust project since the creation of the teams in 2015. These days, I am on the Library API Team where we are responsible for evolving the standard library API. I am also on the Regex Crate Team, which is responsible for maintaining Rust's regex library.

In addition to my capacity as a member of the Rust project, I work on a number of other open source projects. Here are a few:

  • ripgrep is a program for recursively searching directories using a regex. Its marquee features are speed and using smart filtering by default (e.g., respecting your gitignores) to improve the relevance of the results. It has powered VS Code's "search in files" feature since 2017.
  • csv is an extremely fast CSV parser library with Serde support.
  • walkdir is a library for recursive directory traversal with all of the fixings you might expect.
  • ignore is a library that provides a very fast parallel recursive directory traversal implementation while respecting gitignore rules. It's used by Cargo, Tauri, Pijul, fd and Tokei.
  • bstr is a library that brings string operations to byte slices. It's used by Artichoke, SQLx and gitoxide, among others.
  • memchr and aho-corasick provide best-in-class SIMD routines for single and multi substring search, respectively. memchr in particular is used ubiquitously in the ecosystem.

I also maintain a blog where I occasionally discuss my work in more depth.

By providing a recurring sponsorship, you'll help to continue to incentivize my work on the above projects and new projects in the future. Alternatively, one time contributions as a "thank you" for past work are an excellent way to show appreciation. Note that there are no direct rewards provided as I am doing this on the side.

Sponsorships are for me personally and are not affiliated or connected with my employer in any way.


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Featured work

  1. BurntSushi/ripgrep

    ripgrep recursively searches directories for a regex pattern while respecting your gitignore

  2. rust-lang/regex

    An implementation of regular expressions for Rust. This implementation uses finite automata and guarantees linear time matching on all inputs.

    Rust 3,388
  3. BurntSushi/rust-csv

    A CSV parser for Rust, with Serde support.

    Rust 1,626
  4. BurntSushi/memchr

    Optimized string search routines for Rust.

    Rust 770
  5. BurntSushi/aho-corasick

    A fast implementation of Aho-Corasick in Rust.

    Rust 968
  6. BurntSushi/bstr

    A string type for Rust that is not required to be valid UTF-8.

    Rust 747

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